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Nikon Digital Camera Accessories - Get the Most from Your Nikon Digital Camera by Selecting the Right Accessories

starting with the basics specialized accessories get clean shots odds and ends

If, like a lot of photographers, you’ve switched from film to digital camera, in all likelihood, you have one of the new Nikon digital cameras. It’s now time to start thinking about completing your camera bag, and enhancing your photographic endeavors, with Nikon digital camera accessories.

The selection of add-ons and accessories for your digital camera is every bit as wide as it was for the traditional cameras, but before you make a substantial investment, there are a few things you should do. What you want to avoid is acquiring a large number of even inexpensive items that you than find you never use.

What Kind of Photography Do You Do?

Are you the occasional photographer who only takes the camera out to record special occasions such as birthdays or anniversaries? Or, are you the adventurous type, looking to record wildlife, or exotic locales? The accessory requirements for different types of photography or different conditions will vary widely.

After you’ve decided what you will use your Nikon camera for, and under what conditions, make a list of the things you need digital camera accessories for.

Starting With The Basics

The first accessory you will need, regardless of the type of photography or locale, is a camera bag. While this might seem like a simple purchase, don’t make a quick decision on which bag to buy. It goes without saying that the bag should provide adequate space to safely carry your camera, but, put off making a final decision until you’ve decided what other accessories will go along with you on each outing.

If you’re doing mostly indoor shooting, a soft cloth bag with sufficient compartments for your camera and accessories is a good investment. If you do a lot of outdoor photography, however, consider investing in a waterproof bag, preferably one with stiff sides to guard against damage from falling or bumping into things.

Most of Nikon’s digital cameras come with connecting cables which allow you to download your photographs to your computer. If your camera doesn’t come with it, this is one of the most essential accessories after a good bag.

Specialized Accessories

For still life photography, and even some action shooting, such as sporting events; a tripod is a handy accessory to have. This is one accessory that you should not skimp on. Buy a sturdy professional tripod for your specific digital camera. Another handy digital camera accessory for action photography is a wireless remote control. This device is also useful when you want to shoot candid shots without the subject being aware of it, or in the case of photographs of wild animals, to be able to place the camera in the most advantageous location without also exposing yourself to danger.

Get Clean Shots

A lens cleaning kit will help ensure you get crisp, clear photos every time. It will also help extend the life of your Nikon camera.

Odds And Ends

For the photographer on the go, extra memory cards and rechargeable batteries – with a charger – really come in handy. The card that comes with most Nikon cameras has 4GB capacity, which means you can take a lot of pictures, but having a couple of extra 8GB cards in your camera bags will mean that you never risk missing that perfect shot that comes at the end of a long day of shooting routine scenes. Likewise, having extra batteries, and especially batteries that can be recharged, will keep you shooting when your companions are cursing their dead batteries. This is really important when you’re taking pictures in harsh climates or bad weather conditions.

One final Nikon digital camera accessory that might not be thought of as essential, but is highly recommended, is a replacement lens cap. Nikon’s digital cameras come with lens caps, but they can easily be misplaced or lost if you do a lot of outdoor photography. Investing a few dollars in a lens cap with a strap that secures it to the camera body will ensure that you always have it, and it will protect your lens from dust, moisture, and scratches.

Get the most out of your digital camera with a selection of accessories selected with your photographic goals in mind.

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