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North Carolina New Homes - Green Trends In New North Carolina Homes

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Although the housing bubble caused many problems for both those wanting to build new homes and contractors ready to build them; both new home seekers and contractors have adapted to find a common ground. In the mountains of Western North Carolina, for instance, ‘green’ new homes are quickly becoming a trend.

This has brought about a slight increase in building in that part of North Carolina and is drawing clients who are ready for a new home to seasoned, environmentally conscious construction company’s doorsteps.

Customers seeking to build a new home near the mountains, lakes or foothills area of the western part of North Carolina are finding that when they are matched with the right architect, the right builder and the right location, a new home is still a solid investment in that area of the state.

Blending their home in with the natural environment can have a dramatic effect for both builders and customers which reaches far and wide for local North Carolina residents and economies.

For example: Current trends have many builders using native woods from the area such as yellow locust, southern yellow pine, poplar, hemlock and spruce. These woods are used in conjunction with native stone and can produce not only striking lines and features in an architectural sense but also have a ripple effect on the pockets of suppliers of stone and the timber cutting and milling industry. Accents for the homes made from poplar bark and native laurel also add rustic yet upscale touches as well.

The new home not only blends in with the environment, uses less manufactured materials, which may require shipping from greater distances, but it also reduces wait and building times and lowers homeowner upkeep. The exterior woods are stained and sealed and natural aging lends an even greater ambiance to the home’s appearance as years go by.

Another trend is the clearing of the new home site. In the North Carolina mountains, often just enough clearing is done to comfortably build the home. Great expanses of green lawn, though quite attractive, give way to natural materials such as rocks, leaves, pine cones, needles and mulch. Landscapers can create beautiful effects using these simple and readily available materials in a small open space around the new home. Homeowners can reduce their upkeep costs by eliminating large lawn tractors and mowers; and any open area upkeep can be quickly done with a simple weeding machine and blower.

With only a small space carved out for the home, trees surrounding the site offer shade to fend off summer heat and help reduce cooling costs. Shading from those same trees also help to reduce the harmful effects of the sun on the breakdown of roofing and other materials on the home. Paint lasts longer, shingles last longer and keep homeowner expenses lower.

There are myriad other ways that North Carolina builders are adapting their methods toward the ‘green’ option. Heating and cooling businesses are offering solar panels to assist with water heating and electrical use. Those same companies are becoming involved in geothermal heating and cooling as well. South facing palladium and trapezoid windows with argon gases offer a point of heat in the winter with leaves off the trees and spectacular views as well an abundance of natural lighting.

So, though the housing trend has hit the American economy hard, adaptations are evolving which benefit both builders and homeowners. Those adaptations in North Carolina new home construction will, hopefully, produce even greater and smarter trends in the future which will aid local economies and businesses more and more.

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