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North Port Home - Affordable Homes in North Port, Florida

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North Port is a small town with a population of over 54,000 people in Southwest Florida. There are hundreds of affordable homes in the North Port, Florida area that are resales and foreclosures for under $500,000. The North Port homes mainly consist of three bedrooms and three bathrooms with many different floor plans in a beautiful subdivision of neighborhoods with well manicured lawns. The subdivisions in North Port have many large upscale homes located in some of the safest areas. North Port is considered one of the fastest growing areas in the gulf coast. People who live in North Port enjoy being close to some of Florida’s larger cities of Tampa and Naples. The city also has many recreational activities that its residents can take part of which consist of numerous golf courses, art centers, recreational parks, shopping centers, and many schools with great promise throughout the North Port area. North Port is also home to the historical Little Salt Springs park that is a sinkhole over two hundred and forty feet deep.

The real estate market in North Port is at an influx with over 2,200 homes in foreclosure, and only 1,800 homes for sale at the market value. North Port homes being sold new at this point are at their lowest. People who are looking to buy a home in North Port, Florida will find more great deals with foreclosures than they will regularly priced homes. The foreclosures in North Port are in all phases of the foreclosure process. There are foreclosed homes that are going for a little over $50,000 for a two bedroom and one bathroom smaller single sized family home, and many foreclosures at the $100,000 mark for larger upscale three and four bedroom homes. Depending on a persons credit score and income, people can buy these homes with a down payment of $21,000, a six percent interest rate, and monthly payments of $550 a month for a fixed thirty year period.

There are many foreclosed homes in the $50,000 to $70,000 range that have a down payment of $13,000, at a six percent interest rate, with a $330 a month payment at a fixed thirty year period. These cheaper homes are larger three bedroom and two bathroom homes in great neighborhoods. Many of the foreclosed homes are already bank owned from lenders who are ready to sell at lower rates as quick as possible. People who buy foreclosed homes in the North Port, Florida area will be saving thousands of dollars compared to fully priced homes with a large down payment and monthly payment. People who are interested in foreclosed homes in North Port can contact the bank lenders of these homes and find out if they can become pre-qualified for the homes. With fixed monthly payments of only $300 to $500 a month, people can save their excess mortgage money for more family vacations, or to buy other property.

Building lots and land are being bought out at $2000 or more for a lot and they are being sold for over $5000 a lot. People can make extra money for home improvement projects for their new home. The possibilities to save money in North Port, Florida are limitless at these low foreclosed prices. Once the real estate market starts to even out again, these homes could be raised up to higher prices. The time to buy a new home in North Port is now. People can have the enjoyment of living in a smaller city with beautiful upscale homes for great prices, and live in a state where the weather is mostly sunny all year round. The North Port area has a median income of over $50,000 a year with many residents being under the age of thirty seven years old. The North Port area is a great place to move and raise a family in a wonderful area with many affordable foreclosure opportunities.

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