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Nursing Jobs In New York

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With the rising aging population, the increase in life expectancy and the need for healthcare, one of the fasting growing careers in the US is in nursing. It is estimated that the demand for nursing jobs for 10 years up to 2014, will be approximately 30%, which is an increase of about 3.1 million nurses from 2.4 million. As having one of the largest populated cities and being one of the most diverse places in the US, the state of New York leads the way in the number of nursing jobs required.

Types of Nursing Jobs in New York

Nurses are a part of the care team in the healthcare system and they play an important role in the patients’ wellbeing. They also work with the patients’ family in educating on the illness, care, recovery and prevention. Overall there are many types of nursing positions and specialty areas available in the healthcare field. However, apart from the popular nursing jobs such as nurse practitioner (NP), registered nurse (RN), licensed practical nurse (LPN) and certified nurse assistant (CNA) there are also contract nursing jobs in New York. These include per diem nurses, who are usually highly skilled and who work on a day-by-day basis with one or a few hospitals. Another type of contract nursing job is the travel nurse, who works with an agency on short term assignments in different locations and states.

Employers for nursing jobs in New York include hospitals, doctors’ offices, medical centers, nursing and children’s homes and health systems. However, there are other less known employers, including schools, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical devices and health insurance companies as well as universities and colleges looking for teachers for their nursing education programs.

The number of facilities offering nursing jobs in New York is among the highest in the US and the largest public hospital system is in the state. In 2008, there were about 194 community hospitals, including Federal hospitals, long term care hospitals, psychiatric hospitals and substance abuse treatment hospitals, which all require skilled nurses.

Demand for Nursing Jobs in New York

As one of the most populated states in the US, nursing jobs in the New York metro area rank number 1 with about 70,000 nurses employed out of a nurse population of 7.3 million in the region. Therefore, the demand and availability of nursing jobs in the state are high.

Although in 2008, New York had about 170,000 registered nurses and in 2009, there were about 15,000 nurse practitioners, there remains a serious nursing shortage in the state. Even with growing unemployment of about 10% in 2010, many healthcare facilities and agencies are experiencing difficulties in filling nursing jobs in New York. It is estimated that by 2015, approximately 37,000 jobs in nursing would be in short supply; especially in the New York City area and that 80% of the hospitals will experience a shortage of nurses. This is due to the demand for healthcare resulting from the increase in aging baby boomers and many people losing their jobs and healthcare benefits as well as facing financial, emotional and physical stress.

Finding Nursing Jobs in New York

With the shortage of nursing jobs in New York, if your are skilled, licensed and have nursing experience, there are agencies, which will provide you with first class treatment, including assisting you with relocating and finding an apartment. There are also recruitment offices at some of the major hospitals and medical centers as well as online nursing specific job boards where you can find and get information about nursing jobs. Universities and colleges offering nursing degrees do have listings of nursing vacancies in the New York area.

Besides work satisfaction and benefits, salary plays a critical role in many jobs. The salaries for nurses are calculated based on the state and city, need of the communities, work type and schedule, education and degree level, specialty and experience. As a large and diverse state, salaries and benefits are also higher in New York City as compared to other cities. However, on the downside, nurses in New York tend to work longer hours and may also work in more stressful environments, with larger numbers of patients requiring treatment and attention.

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