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Oki Led Printer - The Revolutionary LED Printer by OkiData

dpi paper inch resolution

Oki Data is a brand name of consumer electronics that have a reputation for technological innovations rarely seen anywhere else. The Oki Electric Corporation, also known as Oki Data, celebrates its 130th year in operation this coming November 2011. Founded in 1881 by Kibataro Oki, which originally developed electronics for the telecommunications industry, Oki Electronic Corporation helped found the telecommunications revolution in Japan. From there, the Corporation helped found the first telephone Extension Plan and established the Oki & Co., Ltd. After that time, Oki & Company went through wartimes and came out relatively unscathed to go on to immerse the Oki Electric Corporation into the electronics era of 1966.

The company changed management several times and later adopted the Phoenix 21 business plan in 1999 when Katsumasa Shinozuka took over the company’s presidency and the company then went into a period of network infrastructure development. In between these times and accomplishments, the Oki name became well-known as OkiData and the company started manufacturing various electronics of which the most notable is the LED printer, which is a revolutionary way of printing.

What is an LED Printer?
Typically, when people think “LED,” they think of the screens used to input data. While these screens are in fact called LED screens, the Oki LED printer has another use for them. The OKI LED printer uses a LED light within the print head. The bar on which the LED light is installed creates the image on a paper by flashing across the entire page itself while creating the image on the drum or the print belt and as it moves across the paper, the drum or belt transfers the image onto the paper. Typically, printing in this way allows for faster print speeds, less maintenance on the printer and an overall lower cost to manufacture and replace parts, because there are no moving parts within the printer itself.

As for a LED printer’s resolution possibilities, because the LED light is used, some limitations to the printer are inevitable. A limited number of LED lights fit within the print head and because of these spacing concerns, resolution is therefore limited. The best resolution a LED printer can have depends not only on how small a LED light can be manufactured, but also how fast those LED lights can flash across the paper’s width. A common resolution for most LED printers is about 600 dpi by 1200 dpi or less, although theoretically, an LED printer can handle up to 600 dpi by 2400 dpi, but not without sacrificing print quality by using round pixels. A better image quality is attained by using an oval-shaped pixel, because there is no overlapping of the dots per inch printed.

The OkiPAGE 14i LED Printer
This LED printer by OkiData is one of the most reliable they manufacturer as well as one of the first LED printers available from the company. With the recent “5-Star, Exceptional Status Award” received from BERTL for its superiior design and it is easy to see why. This printer is a desktop LED printer, which is great for in home use as well as for a small business office. The printer has a throughput of 14 pages printed per minute at a resolution of 600 dpi by 1200 dpi, one of the highest of all LED printers. Available for both PC and Mac computers, this was truly an innovation in LED printing.

OkiData C610 Series LED Printer $699 New
This Oki LED printer, also a winner of the BERTL’s Best award for Exceptional Status in June of 2010, is another revolution to LED printing. As a color printer, it has one of the fastest first page times available for a LED printer at nine seconds for color and eight seconds for a monochrome print. Offering the highest resolution of 600 dpi by 1200 dpi, this LED printer by OkiData also prints amazingly clear images as well. Depending on the specific model purchased, the C610 Series LED printer offers a variety of features such as a 400-sheet paper tray, which is optionally expandable to up to 1400 sheets in addition to the ability to add up to two extra paper trays with the same paper capacity. Also available are models that offer duplex printing and a 16GB microSD card as well.

With compatibility with Adobe PostScript and support for both Microsoft Windows XP and Vista operating systems, this printer’s ability to print on a single pass is exceptionally reliable for all computers. The C610 Series can also print on paper stock up to 140 pounds in almost any size, including cards from 3-inch by 5-inch, 4-inch by 6-inch and 5-inch by 7-inch in addition to banners up to 8.5-inches wide by 52-inches long. With a one-year warranty offered for all parts and labor, this is the perfect and one of the most reliable Oki LED printers available today.

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