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Okidata Laser Toner - How To Pay Less For Okidata Laser Toner

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Okidata laser printers are known for their extremely high print rates and exceptional quality, and they’re used in many business offices and in private homes around the world. While there are quite a few advantages to owning an Okidata laser printer, toner can be quite expensive for the devices, and unfortunately, many consumers end up paying far too much per print thanks to bad printing habits.

There are a few key ways to cut down on the cost of Okidata laser toner. The first step that most computer users will need to take is to check their computer settings to make sure that they’re optimized for the lowest cost per print possible. Set the default settings to draft, as this will use less Okidata laser toner per printed page. Draft settings on most Okidata printers will still allow for high print quality, and if you’re printing black text, you probably won’t notice the difference. However, you can always switch back from draft settings if you need a higher quality print job, or if you’re printing something with a lot of color.

However, even if your settings are completely optimized, you’ll overpay if you’re not using smart printing habits. You should make sure that you’re avoiding any unnecessary waste of printer paper and Okidata laser toner. Make sure that you’re always using the print preview option. Before you print any page, check its layout to make sure that it looks exactly as you need it to look. If you’re printing any large blocks of text or websites, it’s a good idea to copy the text into a program like WordPad before printing it, as this will help you avoid accidentally printing something that you didn’t intend to print. You’ll also save a lot of Okidata laser toner if you manage your font size; the smaller the font, the less toner being used.

To keep your Okidata printer operating correctly, you should also break up bulk prints into short runs of 100 copies or so, giving the printer time to rest between jobs. This will make your printer last longer, and you’ll avoid overheated ink cartridges, which can sometimes result in lackluster performance. If you don’t use your Okidata laser printer toner very often, it could dry out and result in clogged print heads, so be sure to print at least once a week to avoid this issue. Okidata laser toner is fairly resilient, but a bit of common sense usage will greatly extend the life of every cartridge that you buy.

Finally, make sure that you’re not overpaying for your Okidata laser toner by checking a few websites online for the best price possible. There are literally thousands of websites set up to sell printer ink, and many of them offer far better deals than what retail stores are able to offer, since they have lower operating costs and higher levels of competition. You can take advantage of this by doing a bit of comparison shopping every few months when you need to order more Okidata laser toner.

Make sure that the cartridges that you order are specifically designed for your model of Okidata printer—don’t just buy a Okidata laser toner cartridge that looks similar to the cartridges that you use, or you could accidentally get an incompatible product. Also, be sure to check the shipping charges of the online company selling you your Okidata laser toner cartridges. Shipping charges can easily increase the price of a cartridge order, so you may want to order a few cartridges at a time to cut down on these costs and to keep your printer well stocked. This is particularly true if you work in an office or another environment in which you use a lot of Okidata laser toner.

Keeping an eye on your Okidata laser toner usage will greatly extend the life and minimize the price per print of every toner cartridge that you buy. You’ll also keep your printer in the best shape possible by avoiding bad, wasteful habits. Regardless of which model of Okidata laser printer that you own or how you use it, paying a bit of attention to your ink usage is a great way to save money.

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