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Olympus Camera Battery - The Right Information To Know About The Olympus Camera Battery

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An Olympus Camera battery is one of the must-have accessories for the avid photographer. While there is one unit included with the system, it pays to have an extra one ready for those unexpected times when there are a great variety of shots to be taken. By taking the extra precaution to making sure that there is a spare available and at the ready, can mean the difference between capturing that extra special moment, and having it only be part of a great memory.

As the Internet becomes more available to people everywhere, manufacturers are taking advantage of this opportunity to open up a business online to complement their traditional brick and mortar store. Since digital technology is very popular these days, this has been one of the largest areas of growth. OEM and third party suppliers now offer almost any kind of replacement part that users may require. This is also true for shutter bugs that need a replacement Olympus Camera battery for their apparatus. They are now readily available from a number of reputable outlets, including the Olympus company, Amazon, Overstock, and many of the larger battery websites.

A power cell of this type has a different internal makeup depending on the camera that it provides energy to. The current styles include Alkaline, Lithium, Lithium Ion (Li-Ion), Nickel Cadmium (Ni-Cad), and Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH). The cells also have a range of voltage from 1.2 on the low side to 7.2on the high end. Since the operating instructions as well as the battery finder on many of these websites will indicate the proper item, it is not necessary to remember the Product number, but the voltage itself can be critical. Putting in one with too high a potential can ruin the delicate electronics inside a camera. While it is not a likely occurrence, it is still possible and should be double checked for safety’s sake.

Since an Olympus Camera battery may come in any of the aforementioned 5 varieties, users should know a little bit about each battery type in order to recognize the differences they could make if the wrong one is installed. An Alkaline model is the dry cell type, containing potassium hydroxide for the electrolyte, and is less likely to leak than any of the other dry cells. They come in AAA, AA, C, and D sizes, and can be used as a primary or secondary power source. The Nickel Cadmium variety has alternating layers of nickel and cadmium, and can be recharged many times. They come in sizes AAA through D, but are prone to the memory effect. A Nickel Metal Hydride model was designed specifically for portable electronics, and can be recharged as many as 1000 times. It will last longer than Ni-Cad, and is the most popular unit for phones. This model uses Hydrogen as the anode and Nickel Hydroxide as the cathode. Finally, the Lithium Ion has lithium and carbon electrodes. It is less dense than the others, but maintains its charge longer and does not have the memory effect.

The “memory effect” occurs when a battery is recharged before completely out of power. It then never fully recharges to full capacity again. Consumers would do well to let their power cells full run down before performing before putting them on the charger.

Prices for the different battery models also range significantly depending on the amount of voltage required, the camera model, and the outlet it is purchased from. At a third party place such as Overstock, consumers are sometimes able to buy OEM products for a significant discount. This may be on overruns or discontinued models, but if it is genuine Olympus for example, then the savings are definitely worth picking up. It should be noted that many of the cheaper brands do not use the same quality standards that are required of a major manufacturer. That is one reason that their prices are often significantly lower, and should be avoided if possible.

On one site that specializes in Olympus products, there is a built-in search function to find the proper model camera first, which will then indicate the battery needed. A user generally has the choice of 1 or 2 models, as well as optional accessories such as a charger unit and usb cables. This entire process makes finding the correct power cell almost child’s play, and with the shipping thrown in for free, it makes comparison shopping much easier to accomplish.

Some of the websites are also offering information on proper battery disposal and recycling. As many of these items contain dangerous chemicals that will leach into the soil and consequently the water supply, they should be taken to the proper center that can prevent this action from occurring. It is a great way to prevent an Olympus Camera battery from ending up in a landfill


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