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On Line Dvd Rental - Choosing Between On Line DVD Rental and Direct Video Streaming

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The video store is a dying entity. With the advent of modern technology, the process of renting movies in person has become obsolete. The internet has revolutionized the way entertainment media is delivered to consumers; both streaming video and DVD rental mail services have become mainstream, putting video stores out of business across the world. To properly take advantage of this new technology, consumers usually choose between on line DVD rental and direct video streaming services. Each offers specific advantages and disadvantages over the other.

On Line DVD Rental:
Membership to an internet-based movie DVD video rental service usually ranges between $8.99 and $14.95 per month. The most popular services include Netflix, Blockbuster Online, and GreenCine. Most of these services offer an unlimited number of DVD rentals per month, no due dates or late fees, free shipping, and an option to actually buy the DVD. This serves as a stark contrast to the traditional video store model, and would actually save money for individuals who would usually rent more than three movies per month.

The number of films available for rent usually varies between 10,000 and 100,000, depending on the particular company used. This leads to a great variety of choices, especially for individuals interested in rare films or foreign cinema. Compared to direct streaming services, where DVD rental UK films and US films are usually the only options available, on line DVD rental definitely offers the advantage for foreign film enthusiasts. Put simply, casual moviegoers never need to worry about running out of films to watch.

The major drawback to on line DVD rental is the fact that the DVDs need to be physically shipped. The most popular services try to guarantee shipping within two days of ordering, but sometimes it can take up to a full week to receive the DVDs one has rented. While this obviously does not pose a problem due to the lack of late fees, the fact remains that most movie rentals are a spontaneous occurrence. Few consumers want to wait an extra day to watch a film, let alone a full week, and this can sometimes detract from the advantages of on line DVD rental.

Direct Streaming Services:
The major advantage to direct video streaming is its spontaneity. While on line DVD rental services can take up to a week to ship a film, direct video streaming is available immediately after payment. This allows a movie enthusiast to begin their entertainment experience mere minutes after deciding on a film.

Furthermore, the payment methods often differ between on line DVD rental services and direct streaming companies. CinemaNow, for example, does not charge a monthly fee. Like a traditional video store, they issue a small charge for each film rented. Individuals who only watch one to two movies per month may benefit more from this business model compared to a monthly subscription fee. Also, while on line DVD rental services usually have a greater selection of films available, direct streaming services often offer more types of media than just movies. This is especially useful for individuals interested in watching pay-per-view sporting events or concerts.

Direct streaming services do come with some disadvantages, specifically in their method of content delivery. While streaming video is instantly accessible, it is also often impractical; many moviegoers prefer watching films on their televisions instead of their computers. Even though streaming services are available for game consoles, allowing television playback, the film quality is often noticeably compressed. This is necessary to properly deliver video content over the internet, and although it results in a faster download, a viewer’s overall cinematic experience may be lessened.

Finally, movies directly streamed to a computer or game console often come with an “expiration date;” that is, they may only be watched during a small window of time. Compare this to the complete lack of late fees associated with on line DVD rental services. With a DVD in hand, a viewer can watch a certain film as often as they like until they decide to return it, while direct streaming services force the viewer to limit their cinematic experience. This is less of a problem for individuals who usually only watch a film once, but for those who prefer multiple viewings, on line DVD rental may be a better choice.

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