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Orlando Florida Airport - All About the Orlando, Florida Airport

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When listing the top tourist destinations in the United States, Orlando, Florida invariably appears as one of the most popular. With a multitude of desirable tourist attractions within the Orlando vicinity, along with the seasonal weather all year-round, Orlando continues to thrive as a fun spot for visitors. With the reasonable airfare prices seen in the last few years, and the increase in carriers flying directly into Orlando, the Orlando, Florida Airport, officially called Orlando International Airport, has developed into one of the busiest in the nation. However, growth has not adversely affected the airport, and travelers arriving and departing can find not only convenience in their travel experiences, but services that are the envy of other world-class airports.

The Orlando, Florida airport is designed uniquely, in that all incoming and outgoing flights depart from gates housed in four pods separate from the main terminal. Looking at the airport from above, you would see the central buildings, and then four areas of gates shooting off from each corner of the main building. Arriving passengers board a tram to get from their arrival area to the main terminal, where car rental, shops, restaurants and luggage retrieval is located. Passengers arrive on Level 3 of the Orlando, Florida airport. Baggage claim is found on Level 2, and car rentals and all ground transportation can be found on Level 1. Departing passengers will find signage and directions clearly placed, and getting through airport security, even in such a busy airport, is swift and professionally handled.

A variety of domestic and international carriers provide service to Orlando International Airport. Some of these include Air Canada, AirTran, American Airlines, Continental Airlines, Delta Airlines, JetBlue, Southwest Airlines and United Airlines. Which airline a passenger is flying determines which gate hub will be used. Excellent information about all the airline procedures and operations is available at www.orlandoairports.net.

Numerous shops, restaurants and even lodging are ubiquitous in the Orlando, Florida airport. The main terminal includes food courts with a variety of dining options. For the sweet tooth, grab a Krispy Kreme donut. For the All-American meal, head to McDonalds. Ethnic dining is available at Panda Express and Sbarro. Sit down service is available at Chili’s and Macaroni Grill. One very unique and luxurious aspect of the Orlando, Florida airport is the Hyatt Regency hotel located within the airport terminal. Not only will the Hyatt provide some of the finest convenient lodging available, but also provides fine dining at either of its two magnificent restaurants. Shopping includes bookstores, clothing, a Harley Davidson store, leather goods, sunglasses (for that Florida sun!), as well as stores to catch those last-minute souvenirs from all your favorite Orlando attractions. Disney, Kennedy Space Center, Sea World and Universal Studios all have shops in the main terminal of the Orlando International Airport, so, if you forgot that important memento, you’ve got nothing to worry about. A variety of helpful services are also found, such as ATM machines, currency exchange centers, FedEx services, U.S. Postal services, and internet kiosks. Complimentary WiFi is also available throughout the Orlando, Florida Airport.

Many major metropolitan airports are located a fair distance from the main city they serve. The Orlando, Florida Airport is located just six miles from the central business district of Orlando, and trips to Disney World, Sea World and Universal Studios can be made from the airport in around thirty minutes. Disney World even offers free bus transportation and luggage delivery from the airport to its resort hotels. As well, the Orlando, Florida Airport is planned to be a terminus of an Orlando to Tampa high speed rail project.

Any major tourist destination needs the services a great airport can provide, and the Orlando area is very well served by the Orlando International Airport. With its multitude of services, its ease of navigation and its renowned customer service, flying into or out of the Orlando, Florida Airport will be an experience you will cherish.

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