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Panasonic 2 Line Cordless Phone - Cordless Phones with Two Lines by Panasonic

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Interference-free communication is what Panasonic touts regarding their 2-line cordless phones. Using DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecomminications) 6.0 technology in 1.9GHz frequency range, these phones are not affected by, nor do they disrupt the operation of, other wireless devices. Feel free to move about while having a phone conversation with greater privacy, longer range, and enhanced clarity of sound. The price-conscious internet shopper can find these phones priced from $125 to $180, depending on the desired features.

Two-line operation allows you to put your existing call on hold while placing a second call. Having a second line results in better organization of your call flow. If you need a three-way conversation, simply conference in two outside lines. In addition, having two lines makes it easy to access other devices, such as faxes or modems, without affecting your phone usage.

There are several offerings in the Panasonic 2-line cordless phone arena. The cordless base (product series TG9380) includes either one or two handsets. However, if you’re concerned with power outages, your choice may be the corded base with handset (product series TG9390) which also includes one or two cordless handsets. Each model is capable of expansion to six handsets. All of these models have 40 minute recording time on their digital answering systems. Whatever your choice, you can program each handset to ring or to be silent. Voicemail capabilities, call waiting caller ID, intercom, ten number redial, multi-lingual (English and Spanish) menu, handset locator/page, and speakerphone are part of every system. You will also receive belt clips, batteries, chargers, phone lines, and adapters. All models include a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

If the cordless Bluetooth® enabled base is your choice, its integrated directory can accept up to 600 names and numbers from your cell phone via Bluetooth®-powered Panasonic Link-to-Cell. Please note that the iPhone is not compatible with this type of phone directory transfer. Panasonic Link-to-Cell technology combines cell phone freedom with home phone convenience by allowing you to make or receive calls on any Panasonic home phone handset. The base unit of the Panasonic 2-line cordless has a reversible pedestal for wall mounting. These models can register two headsets (one-at-a-time) with 8-step volume control. A Bluetooth® headset (purchased separately) allows you hands-free multitasking anywhere in your home or business; no speakerphone allows that much freedom.

Corded base models offer 50 number caller ID memory, speed-dial memory, and 100 number phonebooks. You can copy the phonebook from base to handset or transfer from handset to base. There is even a talking alarm! These models can be wall mounted with the purchase of an optional mounting kit.

Perhaps you require additional handsets for these phones. Handset KX-TGA939T, with its speakerphone, 3-line LCD display, conference call capability, two phone lines, and backlit keypad allows you this expansion. The savvy shopper can find these handsets for less than $60 each. Included with each are rechargeable Ni-MH Batteries (AAA x 2) which last for six days in standby mode and up to 12 hours in use. For today’s wise consumer, the numerous and efficient features of Panasonic’s 2-line cordless phones, coupled with affordable pricing, result in a worthwhile purchase .

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