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Panasonic 4 Line Phone - Simplify the Way You Do Business With a Panasonic 4 Line Phone System

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Panasonic 4 line phone systems are built with small businesses in mind. They let you integrate up to four separate business lines into your phone setup, and you can hook up up to eight handsets for different workstations without using separate phone jacks. You just plug the handset into an ac outlet and you are ready to go. Because a Panasonic 4 line phone system is cordless, you can take calls from multiple workstations using the remote signal built into the phone system. It is designed to work on a wavelength that will not interfere with a 802.11b or 802.11g wifi setup, so you can have clear calls and no Internet or office network interruption at all. The Panasonic 4 line phone system comes equipped with all the standard features, including caller ID and call waiting, plus it has a one hundred minute answering machine built in, up to eight individual voice mailboxes with separate greetings on each, auto attendant and message transfer systems, two-way paging, and an automatic intercom. There is also a feature called call waiting caller ID, letting you know who is waiting on the other line when it beeps before you answer it. This feature will prove invaluable to secretaries whose job it is to screen out low-priority calls for busy executives. The Panasonic 4 line cordless phone system operates on a 5.8 GHz wavelength and is fully secured from outside intrusion and interference, nor will it cause interference. An added feature uncommon to most cordless phone sets is that it has a backup battery that will let you continue your call even if the power goes out. This feature alone will save a lot of man-hours in a corporate setting during a power outage, letting business go on as usual. The Panasonic 5.8 Ghz 4-Line FHSS Expandable Cordless Phone System with Call Waiting Caller Id and Answering System is just one of the phone systems in this line of products, and it retails for $499.95 or less. Another 4 line phone system from Panasonic is the Panasonic KX-TS4200B 4-Line Integrated Phone System, expandable up to 16 stations with Call Waiting, Caller ID and Speakerphone. It contains fewer features than the previous model discussed, yet retails for only $129.95, and is perfect to accommodate a small office.

Don’t get bogged down ever again with Panasonic’s catalogue of 4 line phones. Dependable and easy to use, your business will have no trouble with incoming calls as the Panasonic system works to help you prioritize calls with voicemail and other standard features, with no interference to you wireless Internet or network. Panasonic has been producing quality electronics for decades, and continues to turn out products that are both useful and practical. A Panasonic 2 line phone is for offices with more basic needs to address incoming calls from customers and clients. With the availability of different phones for different office settings and a variety of needs and situations, Panasonic has proved invaluable in the electronics industry for providing useful products both for small businesses and private individual consumers. A 2 line phone system from Panasonic will have many of the same features and buttons as their 4 line systems, but limited to two lines for a small office. Panasonic has been changing the way people do business for the last several years. Innovative products at a price small businesses can afford, along with the many entertainment and multimedia offerings they produce each year, are the end result of the passion, hard work, commitment, and many years of development and engineering from some of the finest minds in the electronics industry. Standing on the shoulders of those who have gone before them, and always going to the next level, Panasonic has surpassed the industry standard and expectations for excellence and quality control. Equipped with the assurance of quality and a two year warranty on most products, you can be sure your phone system will be reliable and non-disruptive to your network and Internet utilities. Save your IT department from headaches and hours of extra labor by investing in a phone system that will address all the needs for your incoming calls and voicemail, and will be there when you need it, even during a power loss.

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