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Panasonic Video Cameras - Why Panasonic Video Cameras Are the Best Choice

features memory quality film

Known for their affordability and packed with features, Panasonic video cameras are a great choice for the modern consumer, for capturing those special moments on film and digital memory for all time. The next generation and the generations after them will be able to see and hear events as they happened, like living through those times themselves. Panasonic video cameras are equipped with the latest advances in audio visual technology, made for both aspiring filmmakers and home video enthusiasts alike, and compatible with the latest digital video editing programs. The Panasonic SDR-S50K Std-Def SD Camcorder with 78X zoom and wide angle lens retails for $250 or less. Some of its features include a high-speed USB interface for quick transfer to the computer, optical image stabilization, compatibility with SD, SDHC, and SDXC memory cards, and an enhanced optical zoom for great pictures, even at night. It has a thirty-three millimeter wide-angle lens that compensates for small movements in tight shots caused by a slight shaking of the hands. Its wide angle lets you get a lot more background into your picture than with other camera lenses, perfect for professional photography. It comes with face and object tracking for perfect focus every time, and Intelligent Contrast Control and Intelligent Scene Selector for even the harshest shooting conditions. In a similar product vein is the Panasonic SDR-T50K Std-Def SD Camcorder with 78X Zoom and 4 GB Flash Memory, retailing at an average cost of $270. It has the same available features as the previous camera discussed, plus a four gigabyte built-in flash memory. You can also save your films to an optional SD memory card. The Panasonic SDR-H85K Std-Def Camcorder with 78X Zoom and 80GB HDD contains the same features, but also has the ability to record your films in HDD up to eighty gigabytes, and saves to a SD, SDHC, or SDXC memory card. It has an advanced image sensor for close-up shots, and boasts a total of 0.8 megapixels. It sells for about $350.

Panasonic video cameras are the best you can get in digital audio visual technology, giving you world-class features at an economical consumer price. Be the star of your own film with a powerful editing program on your computer. These high quality images, coupled with the power of today’s high-performance PCs, will make your student films and home movie projects shine with unheralded clarity, sound, and professionalism. Why pay for an expensive wedding video service when you can make your own with a quality Panasonic video camera with image sensor technology and hi-definition recording capabilities? Panasonic began as a venture of the late Mr. Konosuke Matsushita back in 1918. It was then called the Matsushita Electric Housewares Manufacturing Works. They manufactured such items as the improved attachment plug and double cluster sockets. From the beginning, they were a company driven by the impetus to make quality goods for the American public. As technologies like television and refrigeration came into play, it was a no-brainer for the company to move in the direction of producing these products for the public while always striving to make improvements to them along the way, in which they have largely succeeded. Their foray into video cameras was not a subtle one nor an unpredictable one. They’ve been around since the days of sixteen millimeter reels and mini video cassettes, and they will continue to compete in today’s fierce consumer electronics marketplace. Millions of customers can attest to the quality and satisfaction of Panasonic’s entire line of digital video cameras. Capturing life as it happens has never been easier or more convenient than it is today, and as technologies continue to be developed, and as existing features come down in price, you can be sure that Panasonic will be there every step of the way to produce affordable cameras with outstanding features. Don’t miss out on all that the world has to offer. Capture it on film with the professionalism and HD quality of Panasonic video cameras. They feature great warranty packages and friendly customer service should you ever need a repair, exchange, or replacement for your video camera. Panasonic offers you, the customer, the ultimate in home recording equipment and tools to capture your memories on film.

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