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Parallel To Usb Printer Cable - How To Find A Great Parallel to USB Printer Cable

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A parallel to USB printer cable is a great way to hook an old computer up to a printer, or an old printer up to a computer. Before you buy one of these cables, however, there are a few things to know.

First of all, you’ll need to decide whether you’re getting a male parallel side or a female parallel side. If you’re using the parallel to USB printer cable to hook a new up to a computer’s parallel port, you’ll usually need the parallel side of the cable to be male. Otherwise, you’ll need it to be female. If you’re not sure, look at pictures when buying your parallel to USB cable online. This is a good way to avoid any unnecessary returns when you unpack the box, only to find that you’ve purchased the wrong type of cable.

You’ll need to spend some time thinking about the length of the parallel to USB printer cable that you buy. Don’t just opt for a longer cable if you don’t need one—otherwise, you’ll end up with a cluttered and disorganized computer desk. Measure out the distance between your printer and your computer if necessary.

The material of the parallel to USB printer cable shouldn’t matter too much. In theory, a gold plated cable will be a better cable than a non-gold plated cable, but in reality, you’re probably not going to notice too much of a difference. Whichever device is on the parallel side is going to slow down the connection, so you’re never going to be printing at USB speeds, even with the right parallel to USB cable. An average computer user won’t notice a huge difference between the print speeds of a parallel printer and a USB attached printer, though, so you shouldn’t worry much about speed in general, and you definitely shouldn’t pay more for a certain parallel to USB printer cable just because it’s made out of a certain material.

It’s also possible to buy a parallel to USB printer adapter instead of a cable, and this can be a good idea if you have an overabundance of USB cords or if you simply don’t want to buy another parallel to USB printer cable if your current cable ever breaks. Adapters are cheap, but it’s purely up to the computer user whether to use one or not. There’s no real advantage to choosing an adapter over a cable, or vice versa, from a performance standpoint.

Regardless of what you choose to buy, you should always shop online. Avoid auction websites, as they often drive up the cost of special adapters and conversion cables. You’ll find a great price on the parallel to USB printer cable by shopping around at a variety of electronics stores and online vendors. Make sure that you’re getting a brand new cable, and don’t buy used; used cables are more likely to have loose connections, and as a parallel to USB printer cable isn’t too expensive, it’s worth the extra money to buy new. Factor in the cost of shipping when you buy online. In some cases, shipping can cost more than the cable itself, so you’ll want to keep an eye on shipping charges to avoid a bad deal.

When you receive your parallel to USB printer cable, try it right away to make sure that it’s fully functional. If you bought a parallel to USB printer cable with a male parallel side, make sure that it looks complete, and that no pins are missing. If the cable doesn’t work, return it immediately; conversion cables often have very strict return policies. For most buyers, a good parallel to USB cable isn’t hard to find, but by doing a little bit of research before hand, you’ll cut down on your costs and you’ll be certain that you’re getting a dependable, high quality product that will last your printer for years to come.

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