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Parking At Airport - Useful Tips for Parking at the Airport

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It is important to realize that planning for your next trip needs to begin before your arrival at the tropical or exotic destination of your dreams. Your research needs to consider a topic more banal and local: what do you do about parking at the airport? Certainly when it comes to vacation and business travel, the hardest part of your trip is the transit and transportation itself. Some forethought and pre-planning will help prevent any last minute frustrations or snags in your transportation arrangements.

First, consider whether parking at the airport is the best plan for your trip taking into account both the time and money required to facilitate finding parking at the airport. Determine the cost of parking at the airport by calling your departure airport or by checking their website. If you will be gone on a long trip, calculate the cost of long term parking and be sure to see if there are any discounts for club or organization memberships, such as AAA or AARP. Also, calculate how much it will cost you in tolls for your drive to the airport and factor in the cost of gas as well. When you add all of these costs together, then you are on your way to figuring out whether it is a cost effective idea for you to park at the airport. In addition to the cost of parking at the airport, consider whether you will have the time or presence of mind to hunt for a parking spot in the airport lot or garage. Keep in mind that you will need to drive your car back home once you arrive back at the airport after the end of your trip. Be aware that if you are jet-lagged or if your flight arrives late at night, driving in such conditions may be dangerous and makes parking at the airport a risky proposition. Instead plan ahead and arrange for an alternative form of transport.

Before deciding to seek out parking at the airport, check with your friends and family to see if someone would be available to give you a ride to or from the airport. This is a more cost efficient option than long term parking at the airport, though it would be polite to offer to pay for gas and tolls! Additionally, it would also be a safer alternative to leaving your car alone in long term parking at the airport where there is a risk of theft or damage.

Another option is public transportation. Research to see which train and bus routes connect you to the airport, and determine whether it is a possibility. While the cost of public transportation to and from the airport is likely much lower than parking at the airport for long term, the inconvenience in terms of longer travel time and an inflexible schedule may make public transportation a challenging option.

Another common method of transport to the airport to avoid airport parking is to look for a private method of transportation, such as a car or limo service, a taxi, or a shuttle. Compare the cost of several different methods and several different companies, and compare the cost of such a service to the total cost of driving and parking yourself at the airport. Often the cost of a car service is cheaper than extended parking at the airport and these drivers provide a personalized door to door service.

If you are only looking for short term parking at the airport, for example if you are picking up or dropping off someone at the airport, then other matters factor into your decision about parking. Airport parking is fairly expensive. If you would like to welcome someone back from a long trip, or say so long to a loved one before their departure, then it is much more friendly and generous to park for a short while and rendezvous with your party inside the airport. If you are meeting someone who travels frequently, will not be away for long, or with whom you have a casual relationship then you could consider idling in the curbside passenger pick up and drop off zones. This way you can provide the convenience of meeting and transporting your party at the airport, without the cost and hassle of trying to find parking at the airport.

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