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Penny Black Rubber Stamps - The Creative Designs used in Penny Black Rubber Stamps

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There are a lot of interesting products available for people who enjoy working with crafts and creating their own paper products. Among the various items you can use to design handmade cards and stationary you will find an assortment of penny black rubber stamps. These are the classic rubber stamps you use with ink pads, but today they come in huge assortments of designs you would may not believe. The Penny Black company is famous for its selection of images embossed on rubber for you to print. They carry various stamps with images such as cartoon animals and seasonal decorations.

The various holiday themes include Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, Halloween, Christmas and Thanksgiving. In the Halloween section you will find several images from their Frightful Flight collection, which includes whimsical characters such as a young witch learning spells and a porcupine floating with a pumpkin balloon. The various Christmas collections include assorted ornament designs, wreaths, snowmen, angels and trees to name just a few. This collection of rubber stamps from Penny Black is so vast you will see many older catalogs available to browse through for the Christmas series.

This company that specializes in unique and artistic stamp designs also has a selection of sayings imprinted on stamps you can purchase. These stamps do not have images, but have unique or common phrases such as “Happy Birthday” or “Get Well Soon”. There are also many original phrases that embody the spirit of friendship and love. In this category of stamps you will also find phrases you can use in creating a sympathy card, holiday letter or thank you note. Some of the stamps offered by Penny Black come with the traditional wood handle and rubber surface stamp, while some designs have an acrylic handle and foam type of stamp surface.

You will find some of the stamps sold as separate items, while others are available in kits. Illumination is a collection of beautiful flower designs you can use to decorate all types of paper and cardboard items. Nine Lives is a collection of round striped cats designed to delight any cat lover. Most of the stamps create a two to four inch image, although the company does have a collection of one inch styles often referred to as “inchies”. These small designs are also available in a wide assortment of themed images to enhance any letter or note you send.

Using stamps of rubber design in conjunction with an appropriate ink pad will allow you to create an outlined shape of the image. The most common ink used is black, but there are also other colors available in pads such as blue, red and even rainbow styles. Once you have your stamped image you can use any colored pencils, markers or crayons to color the image the way you want. This makes every image you create unique and original. You can find the various stamps from Penny Black available at some hobby and craft stores as well as online.

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