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Phaser Color Printer - The Xerox Phaser Color Printer Line

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Xerox’s major name in their line of color printers is called Phaser and they are a testament to the company’s dedication to quality and service. Not only do their printers stand the test of quality when in use, but they also offer the utmost in printing support when needed. The Phaser color printer by Xerox is an innovation in color printing that anyone should use within small to mid-sized offices.

Xerox Phaser 8400
One of the best, fully functional Phaser color printers includes the Phaser 8400. This printer is an all-in-one offering the best in print and copy quality in addition to easy to install wireless networking setup and fast printing times. Some of the best points of this Phaser color printer include printing up to 24 color and black prints per minute with only six seconds of waiting time for the first page printed. The resolution offered for the color prints is 600 dpi by 600 dpi or 2400 FinePoint print. The Phaser 8400 has a duty cycle of 55,000 prints per month and the drums 44,000 per month, making overall maintenance costs low.

The ink used for this Phaser color printer is called “solid ink” and it is a revolutionary technology that allows prints to use a single pass through the print drum, saving ink and time in the end. The ink blocks come in four basic colors, including black and are installed into their cartridge holders within the drum mechanism. When prints are processing, they pass through the print drum while a small amount of silicone-based oil is applied to the heated drum, which allows the ink to adhere better and dry quicker on the paper. After the oil is applied to the drum, it applies every color at once, saving even more time. The ink then penetrates the fibers of the paper and solidifies almost immediately allowing absolutely no ink transfer or bleeding of colors and the print is dry before it comes out of the Phaser color printer.

The Phaser 8400 color printer’s initial price offering was about $999; however, Xerox does not market this device as a new product anymore. While this particular printer is not sold as a new unit any longer, it can be found and purchased as a re-manufactured model from Xerox and various other retailers dealing in refurbished printers even cheaper than the original “new” price. This makes a perfect printer for a busy office.

Xerox Phaser 8560
The Phaser 8560 color printer is the successor to the Phaser 8400 and has even better features and faster print speeds than the Phaser 8400 ever did. The Phaser 8560 color printer is another all-in-one with an even faster print time than the 8400. The very first print develops in under five seconds, it can handle 30 pages per minute of both color and black prints and has a duty cycle of up to 85,000 images each month.

This Phaser color printer uses the same solid ink that the 8400 does. The device comes pre-loaded with an ink block for each color. Each of these blocks last for up to 1,300 prints before they need replacing. When it comes time to replace the ink blocks, the package comes with another set of “Rainbow colors” which includes one ink block for each color and they print up to 1,300 prints per block as well. The Phaser 8560 holds a maximum of 1,675 sheets so that printing a large job is not hindered by changing the paper.

This Phaser color printer is also wireless with easy to install networking. It is compatible with standard IEEE 802.11a/b/g wireless in addition to 10/100 base Ethernet port, is IPv6 compatible and includes a USB 2.0 high speed port for printing direct from USB compatible devices such as digital cameras. The Phaser color printer also comes with up to 1GB of memory, depending on the model chosen and with the 600 MHz processor installed, it is has largest memory capacity and speed as compared to any other Phaser.

Available from Xerox and other retailers worldwide, this Phaser color printer is an environmentally friendly device. It is great for office use and at a starting price of $599 after rebate for the lowest capacity machine; it saves a lot of time and money better spent on other office related items.

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