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Phaser Printer Ink - How to refill a Phaser printer ink cartridges

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More people than ever have personal printers that allow them to print a variety of materials, photos, and documents from the comfort of their homes. Having a personal printer is far more convenient than having to go to a computer lab or to a printing department whenever you have files you need to print to paper. There are a number of companies that manufacture printers for personal use, including Epson, Hewlett Packard, Canon, and Phaser. Phaser is one of the leading manufacturers of printers and ink cartridges today in the United States, and is a common choice for people looking for quality printers at affordable prices. In fact, printers today are more affordable than ever before, and it is relatively common to pick up a basic ink jet printer at a department or office supply store for under $40. However, a problem that plagues most ink jet printers is their inefficiency with ink and need for frequent refills. The cost of an ink jet printer’s ink cartridge is typically between $30 and $50, which means it does not take long before the cost of ink to fuel the printer overtakes the initial cost of the printer itself. One strategy people have increasingly begun to pursue to help them save money is to refill ink cartridges themselves via the assistance of third party refill kits. This technique is successful with ink from a number of different manufacturers, including Phaser printer ink. This article will discuss the overall process of refilling ink and provide you with information of things to look out for when next you decide to refill your empty ink cartridge on your own.

The first step to refilling your Phaser printer ink cartridge is to buy a third party refill kit that contains ink that will be compatible with the ink cartridge you are using in your Phaser printer. You can make sure your refill kit contains compatible ink by looking up the ink specifications on your Phaser printer ink cartridge and searching for those in the description of the refill kit. You can purchase refill kits from a variety of vendors online such as Ink Supply, Cartridge World, Ink Filling, Mister Ink Jet, Re Inks, and Printer Filling Station. Search the lists of printers specified to be compatible with a particular ink refill kit before you purchase it so you are sure you are making the right decision. An ink refill kit should contain, at a minimum, a syringe that will be used to withdraw ink from the refill kit bottle and insert it into the empty Phaser printer ink cartridge, a refill kit bottle that contains the ink you need for your cartridge, and a set of instructions that tell you specifically how to refill your ink cartridge to make it good as new again.

Once you have the necessary refill ink kit for your Phaser printer ink cartridge, you will want to clear out a space in your home or office where you can work without interruption or fear of making a mess. Ideally, you will refill the ink cartridge in a sink or in a bath tub, but if you are lacking either of the two locations, you can potentially perform the task over a bucket or a toilet, or even on a table. Wherever you work, you will want to have several newspapers laid down to reduce the risks of making a mess if you happen to spill ink during the procedure. You will want to carefully open the refill ink bottle and withdraw as much ink as you can fit into the ink syringe. You will then inject the ink syringe into your empty Phaser printer ink cartridge and slowly depress the syringe to allow ink to flow into the cartridge. You will want to perform this step slowly to reduce the risks of forming bubbles. You want to avoid bubbles in this situation because they can lead to trouble printing when you reinstall the ink cartridge into your printer. Once you have emptied the syringe, refill it with the ink bottle and add more to the ink cartridge until it is full. Allow it to settle then install it into your printer.

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