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Phaser Solid Ink - The Pros and Cons of Buying a Phaser Solid Ink Printer

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When buying a printer, especially an expensive one like the Phaser solid ink printer, you want to make sure you weigh the pros and cons carefully before making a decision. Because the ink used by the Phaser printer is unlike anything you’ve used in other printers, you may be unaware of some of the benefits and issues associated with the use of solid ink in printing.

The Phaser printer works by melting solid sticks of ink, which are then used to create a high-quality print. The process used to create the image with a Phaser solid ink printer is similar to that used in offset printing. The company responsible for this technology is none other than the most well-known copy machine company in the world: Xerox.

The Advantages of Phaser Solid Ink Printers

There are many advantages to using a Phaser solid ink printer. The most important is probably the print quality. The Phaser printing process results in a print that you can actually feel due to the way the ink is deposited onto the paper. The colors are also extremely vibrant. If you’ve never seen the output from a Phaser printer, it is a good idea to get a sample so that you can actually see and feel the quality of the print before you decide to buy the printer.

Another advantage is how easy it is to add ink to the printer. It is much easier to add a block of solid ink that to change a toner or inkjet cartridge. To make it even easier, each color of ink has a different shape so that you can’t accidentally put a block of yellow where the blue is supposed to go.

Phaser solid ink blocks are also environmentally friendly. They do not create ozone when they are used and they do not leave any residue behind. They can also be used with recycled papers that will not work with other printers. Because of the way the ink is deposited, the Phaser printer can print on a variety of papers that will not work in other printers.

The Disadvantages of Phaser Solid Ink Printers

One of the biggest disadvantages of the Phaser printer is the amount of time it takes for the printer to get ready to print when it is first turned on. Because the ink must be heated enough to melt it before a print can be made, it takes several minutes for the printer to warm up.

Another disadvantage is wasted ink. Whenever the printer is turned off or loses power, the ink in the print heads drops to a low enough temperature to cause it to solidify. This can allow air into the print heads, so when the printer is powered up again, the ink in the print heads is suctioned into a waste tray to ensure that there is no air left in them that could cause damage to the unit. The ink that is suctioned into the waste tray cannot be reused because all of the colors are dumped into one tray, where they get mixed together.

The Phaser solid ink printer has to go through a special cooling cycle before it can be moved because of the melted wax in the print heads. This printer is not a good choice for any operation where portability is required, such as equipment that is taken to trade shows or otherwise moved frequently.

Some of the older Phaser solid ink printers have a distinctive odor that smalls like a mixture of pine trees, hot wax and cedar. This smell has been eliminated in some of the newer models by reformulating the ink. Also, prints created user a Phaser printer can fade over time due to exposure to ultraviolet light. Laser printers do not have this problem.

Pages that have been printed on a Phaser solid ink printer cannot be subsequently fed through a laser printer for additional printing. The heat from the laser print will melt the ink from the Phaser print, which can destroy the quality of the printing or even damage the laser printer.

Although there are a lot of things to consider when deciding whether to purchase a Phaser solid ink printer, one of the best ways to determine the right printer is to talk to people who already own the model you are thinking about buying. Ask them what they like and don’t like, and whether they would buy the same printer all over again. Then evaluate your needs to determine which model will be best for you.

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