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Philips Cordless Phones - Philips Cordless Phones Bring State-of-the-Art Technology into the Home

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People all over the world are constantly looking to upgrade their cell phones and wireless phone services. However, many people use their home phones just as often as their cell phones, but home phone technology is oftentimes overlooked. To provide excellent home phone service, the latest technology in cordless phones must be used. Philips cordless phones are the ideal phones to provide landlines with good quality calls.
Philips cordless phones have been designed to provide each and every customer with their home phone needs, whether they have a large budget or a small one. The Philips company performed extensive consumer research to determine what new features customers desired in a home phone and which preexisting features needed to be improved. The company then incorporated this information into its new line of Philips cordless phones. For instance, one of the greatest consumer requests was an improvement in sound quality on his or her home phone. Philips responded by creating a unique, state of the art sound development called XHD and HD sound technology. This technology uses a specialized sound chamber combined with a digital sound processor that reproduce the voice of the person one is talking to, adding enhanced clarity and greater volume. In the Philips consumer study, it was also found that many home phone users disliked the flatness of sound that cordless phones seemed to possess, especially when the speakerphone was being used. To address this issue, the company added new features into its Philips cordless phones, capturing the varying tones of one’s voice that were previously absent during network transmission. Eliminating the problem of a flat sound, this enables one to hear the full range of pitches and tones that were not audible in earlier cordless phones, and allows for a more emotional, realistic conversation.
Philips cordless phones also now allow callers to see each other using their home phones. Their new VOIP phones come equipped with a specialized screen that allows for easy viewing, and all VOIP phones are fully Skype enabled. This is a fantastic feature that helps one maintain close relationships over long distances.
In addition to these new technology enhancements, Philips cordless phones also offer a wide range of added features that customers are sure to appreciate and enjoy. These phones come with pre-installed phone books, which can hold between two hundred and two hundred fifty entries. This eliminates the trials of writing down countless phone numbers, or having to consult one’s cell phone every time he or she makes a call from a land line. Philips cordless phones come equipped with extra long message recording mechanisms, allowing callers to leave a message between fifteen and thirty minutes long. These phones are also quite stylish and attractive. Philips cordless phones are designed with a sleek, modern look, adding a sophisticated touch to a room. Their slim bodies are designed to fit comfortably in one’s hand or against one’s face, adding functionality to their stylish builds.
Philips cordless phones are also environmentally friendly. The new Philips cordless phones come equipped with low energy chargers, which consume less than one watt of energy per day when left on standby. A new technology entitled ‘SuperSleep’ prevents excess energy from being wasted when the phone is inserted into the charging base. The new EcoDist regulatory feature saves a considerable portion of energy used during a call. This feature enables Philips cordless phones to emit up to sixty percent less energy than other, comparable cordless phones by regulating the power that is sent to the phone in relation to its distance from the charging base. Finally, the Philips company is doing its best to cut down on wasted paper products used in its packaging processes. The company has greatly reduced the amount of cardboard that it uses for transporting its products, and they have also cut back on the amount of paper used in their products’ documentation.
Philips cordless phones possess some of the best features available in home phone technology. Their new enhancements, specialized features, and eco-friendly measures make Philips cordless phones the best choice in land line equipment. Philips cordless phones allow callers to enjoy all the best technological advancements in the comfort of their own home.

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