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Phone Over Ip - Finding a Good Phone Over IP Solution for You

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Phone over IP is becoming an increasingly viable and popular option for obtaining phone services. The idea of phone over IP (Internet Protocol) is that you get phone service through your internet service. Traditionally, internet services were offered by phone companies as an option in addition to phone services. However, most phone companies now offer internet service as a standalone package, and some companies offer internet service exclusively. As the internet becomes more prevalent, and it is easier to get mobile access, voice over IP solutions are beginning to become more popular. Let’s take a look at what solutions are currently available and their respective advantages and disadvantages.

There are many advantages to using voice over IP. One is that it often saves money by allowing you to get phone service over a network you are already paying for access to. Another is that you do not have to bother with traditional phones, but can use your computer. With a high speed internet connection, and a high quality headphone and microphone, you can get much better quality on voice over IP than on traditional phone networks. Also, these networks can provide consistent pricing all over the world, as opposed to local, long distance, and international calling rates.

There are several approaches to phone over IP. Vonage is a company which tries to make your VoIP (voice over IP) experience as close to the traditional phone experience as possible. They offer a monthly subscription plan where you can get phone service over your internet connection, and a variety of features to make your VoIP experience seem as close to traditional phones as possible.

Skype has a bit of a new approach. Skype is a free application which allows you to call or even video chat for free with anyone else on Skype, and sells minutes in a program called Skype Out which allows you to call non-Skype phone numbers across the world for a flat, per-minute fee. Skype provides traditional phone service, but is not aimed as much at being a full on alternative / replacement to traditional phone services.

There are also dedicated VoIP devices which you can buy which function as phones but connect to the internet and use phone over IP instead of the phone network to make calls. Some require a subscription to a service, although some include the price of calling in the cost of the device.

There are a variety of different approaches to VoIP, and you may even find that none of them suit your needs. Most people still have some kind of traditional phone, even if it is a cell phone, but the popularity of phone over IP is growing and will become much more prevalent in the future. Phone and internet use the same network, but just different protocols, so it will make sense that they will begin to merge in the future.

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