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Photo Printers Best - Photo printers: best and most effective for home use

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For those hoping to find the photo printers best for individual use in a home environment, look no further than below.
When choosing a photo printer for the home or home office, numerous considerations are required prior to that first foray to the office supply store or even onto Staples.com. Of course, the cost of the printer will be most significant when trying to decide. However, printers are available in each range that will meet the needs of any consumer.
Other than the price range to look for, the first consideration is the number of ink tanks the printer uses to print quality photos. Consider the price of ink tanks for the printer you are interested in before making a final decision. Inkjet printers, which tend to be more popular today, use three tanks of ink. Typical photojet printers use six tanks. However, some printers offer individual tanks, which allows for the replacement of each one as needed, rather than the entire setup when one ink tank has run dry.
The next consideration is resolution – or the amount of small dots in each square inch of the printed photo. The photos with higher dpi are better quality. For example, the best photo printers have 4800 × 1200 dpi, while most have a maximum color resolution of 2400 × 1200 dpi.
Another consideration is the extra features. Does your printer need to be able to scan, fax and copy or are you only looking for a printer? Do you want to be able to print photos directly from the camera or CD or is it acceptable to print the photos through programs on the computer?
The first and most obvious appealing option is the all-in-one printers available today, which provide access to any feature that might be required at the end of one’s fingertips. For example, the Intelligent Touch System from Canon, available in the Pixma MX7600, provides a touch screen similar to those available with today’s smart phones and the feature of only lighting up the buttons needed for specific features while those features are in use. The system provides access to software that fixes common issues with photos, the ability to print photos from Flickr and even the ability to print still shots from a movie sequence.
For those interested in a color printer built to deal with volume and provide equal quality printing and the same faxing scanning features, the HP Officejet 8500 is a good example. Like the Canon Pixma, the HP Officejet prints, scans, copies and faxes. However, the Officejet also offers speedy printing of numerous copies and a variety of networking options, all while fitting unobtrusively into a home office setup.
For a printer that only prints quality photos, without all the additional features, the Epson Picturemate Personal Photo printer provides 4 × 6 photos with 5,760 × 1440 dpi at a cost that averages to 29 cents per photo and USB and memory card ports on the printer itself, as well as the connections to the computer.
Each year, new options are introduced to the market and new technology is discovered that provides more variety and capability. Therefore, becoming a knowledgeable shopper and having specific criteria in mind while searching makes for a more successful and satisfactory purchase.

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