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Pink Cell Phones - How to Clean Pink Cell Phones

cloth inside purchased lint

1. Before beginning the cleaning process, it is important to find a cloth to use. This cloth should be lint free, or at least contain as little potential lint as possible; otherwise, while rubbing it against the pink cell phone, it could leave behind residue that does not appear very attractive. Used and no longer needed clothing may be a viable option, or if that is not available, paper towels can work. These items can be purchased at any general store, so should they not be present, there is always a way to get them.

2. The colored phone can be cleaned by first dipping the chosen cloth in rubbing alcohol. There is no need to get the whole cloth wet, nor is it necessary that the cloth be soaked in the liquid. To clean something as small as pink cell phones, only the tip of the cloth will be needed. Once this is finished, if it is not already, make sure that the phone is closed. To clean efficiently, you will be washing the outside first. Stroke the outside with the cloth, taking care that any opening that could be damaged by this task are avoided.

3. Once the outside is finished, open it up and begin washing the inside. The screen and buttons should be the primary spots; as people go through their daily lives, they are bound to cover the inside of their cell phones with body oil, dirt, and other foreign particles. After awhile, it may make the phone appear greasy and worn unless properly cared for. Again, take caution that the cleaning liquid does not get where it would prove to be damaging to the pink cell phone. When the task is done, take the dry side of the cloth and wipe everything down.

Preserving a cell phone not only means a prolonged life, but it also implies that you will save money in the long run. After all, if it lasts longer you will be less inclined to want to get rid of it for the newest model. The pink cell phone will look just as fresh and new as the day it was purchased. Remember to play it safe and clean the custom cell phone in a way that does not damage it internally. If unsure of your ability to do it, there is no shame in asking a friend or family member for help.

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