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Pink Electric Guitars - Pink Electric Guitars a Great Color For Beginners and Professionals

rock music body available

Pink is a hot and loud color that has for generations been a top pick among women and young ladies taking up the guitar for the first time. Oftentimes, it is a color that just sticks, and female pop singers have made it their guitar color of choice. Fender Stratocasters, Fender’s bread-and-butter line of electric guitars, are widely available in different shades of pink. The Stratocaster retails for about $200. Fender’s less expensive Squier series also comes in pink, and these guitars are a great first guitar for beginning students. Whether you want hot pink, faded or sunburst pink, or magenta, guitar manufacturers all around the world have been producing pink guitars for women and girl bands for decades. The Dean Custom Zone Solid Body Electric Guitar in Florescent Pink is available at amazon.com for $199, includes two Humbuckers, vintage style tremolo, lightweight body, maple neck and fretboard, and black Grove tuners. Available accessories are Daisy Rock pink guitar cables, Daisy Rock pink guitar picks, and a Daisy Rock pink guitar strap. Another choice in the vein of pink guitars is the Daisy Rock Debutante Rock Candy Electric Guitar in Atomic Pink. It is available from target.com for $199.99. Some of its main features include three fourths scale size, humbucker pickup, hardwood body with a maple neck, and a rosewood fretboard. It comes with many accessories, including a shoulder strap, gig bag, polishing cloth, electronic tuner, picks, a ten-watt amplifier, and an instructional DVD. For very young beginners, a good first guitar would be the First Act Discovery Portable Electric Guitar, in pink. It has a hardwood body and fingerboard, a maple neck, a built-in amplifier with a headphone jack, and a price tag of only $69.98 at toysrus.com.

The history of the electric guitar is a long and illustrious one. It was invented in 1931 by a man named George Beauchamp, and it became an integral part of the expanded big band jazz orchestra scene. Later incarnations of the guitar would include signal effects processors such as the Boss Distortion pedal, which innovated and changed the growing rock and roll movement of the early 1960’s. Because the electric guitar converts string vibrations into an electronic signal which is amplified and then run through a speaker, there is no need to have a hollowed-out body for natural amplification, giving rise to the solid-body guitar in the mid-thirties. Acoustic-electric models, however, are still in wide use today, giving musicians the choice between natural or amplified sound, depending on the type of music and the occasion. The availability of electric guitars in pink goes back to the early days of the rock era, but were popularized during the new wave rock movement of the early 1980’s. The commonality of pink electric guitars can be seen in the use of them in nightclub bands, cover bands, all-girl bands and popular backup bands such as those for Pink, Christina Aguilera, and Britney Spears. Electric guitars, by now, have been featured in virtually every genre of music that has thus far been invented. With their funky, jazzy sounds, and dance-like hooks and groove patterns, dance and rock music has been altered and reinvented countless times. With the advent of digital sound technology, the possibilities for new music creation with the electric guitar seems to have no end in sight. There is a lot to be said for the creative expression of musicians who, both now and in the past, have been adept at finding new ways to bring changes in sound, timbre, and texture to musical ideas. Electric guitars are available in more than just the classic six-string design. There are ten and twelve-string models, and models that have been prepared with multiple capos and objects to "tune’ a guitar for a certain song or a particular style of music, usually an extension of slide guitar playing for country music. These are just a few of the the innovations inspired by the invention of the electric guitar. It is widely considered to be one of the most dynamic and versatile instruments ever to be invented, and it will continue to play an important role in the creation and evolution of musical styles, genres, and new song recordings.

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