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Portable Am Fm Radios - Best Brands of Portable AM FM Radios

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AM FM radios have been extremely popular since the seventies, when FM radio took over the airwaves for hit music, and AM became the band predominantly known for sports and talk radio. Usually requiring two to four C, D, or AAA batteries, depending on features and speaker wattage, portable AM FM radios have undergone some changes through the years, such as the conversion from analog to digital tuners, and the advent of station-finders, but in principle they remain the same. Sony, RCA, and Philips are some of the best and most well-known manufacturers of electronics for American consumers, including portable AM FM radios. Consistent in price, quality, and availability, Sony has traditional-style portable radios for as little as $19, and full-featured AM FM radios with four inch speakers for $100. Combination radios that include CD players, cassette decks, and more cost approximately $120 at most locations, such as Sears and Target. The Magnavox Mcs225 includes a CD player, Cassette deck, stereo speakers, and an AM FM radio with a digital tuner for just $80. Discounted electronics such as the Naxa Portable CD Player with AM/FM Stereo Radio Model NPB-233 are available at amazon.com for the low price of just $33.14. RCA combos such as the RCA RCD3379 Portable CD Player with AM/FM Radio sell for as little as $34, a great value. Portable AM FM radios are still very popular at workstations, construction sites, mechanic shops, and are invaluable for good times at parties or around the campfire. The enduring popularity of American radio has ensured a continued successful sale and manufacture of quality radios and radio components for the consumer electronics industry. They say that only the latest technologies will survive, and this is largely true, yet the staying power of AM FM radios is clear, in spite of alternatives such as satellite radio and MP3s. The availability of entertainment for free, something for nothing, is as popular as it ever was, whether you’re talking about television or radio, and the diversity in programming and selection makes it a traditional choice for the American consumer.

Portable AM FM radios are commonly seen at tail-gate parties, outdoor cookouts outside the stadium prior to sports events, like football. They are also at dances, weddings, wedding rehearsals, and anywhere that people are looking for a good time. AM FM radios cost less than the price of most MP3 players, so they have the advantage of low cost on their side. This is appealing to many consumers who are budget-conscious and have a desire to listen to music for free. Portable AM FM radios are cheap to manufacture, making them a staple consumer good for most well-known and respected electronics companies. Even cheaper electronics companies are able to produce a quality product for less than the average market price, due to the fact that most patents on AM FM radios have expired, and the technology has been streamlined for efficiency of use and affordability. Portable transistor radios were first popularized during the 1950’s, when radio was in its heyday. To this day, transistor radios continue to prove to be a consumer choice, and have been found to produce the best sound. For generations, portable AM FM radios have been a source of cheap and reliable entertainment due to their quality, their resiliency, and the ability to use them even in the midst of a storm or power outage, unlike most consumer electronics. Radios have played an important role in keeping families safe during emergencies and natural disasters, as most broadcasters continue to impart important information across the airwaves as problems progress, be it thunderstorms, tornadoes, hurricanes, or threats to national security and important state and local events. This is one of the reasons why almost every family in America still owns a portable AM FM radio, even if it is primarily used only for emergencies. Families that have put their trust in portable radios during times of crisis have been saved from countless tragedies and potential tragedies by heeding the warnings and advisories of broadcasters early on in the impending disaster. For the most part, however, people come back to portable AM FM radios again and again because they are a cheap and affordable means of quality entertainment.

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