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Portable Cd Recorder - What to look for in a portable CD recorder

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A portable CD recorder is a small digital device that allows you to record audio, video, and data information to a compact disk, or CD. Portable CD recorders have become increasingly popular in the last decade as the technology has become more widespread, leading to reductions in their prices and jumps in their availability for the average consumer. People who are interested in purchasing a portable CD recorder usually do so to have the option to take such a recorder away from their computers and attach it to other computers in other locations, such as at work or in the field or when traveling. A portable CD recorder can now be purchased from almost anywhere, and they are commonly found in department stores, computer stores, and electronic stores such as WalMart, Best Buy, Circuit City, and Sam’s Club. They are also available for purchase online, often at significant discounts in comparison to prices for the same models in stores. Built in CD recorders are still more common than portable CD recorders, and may be found today in nearly every new laptop or desktop sold in the United States. However, there are a number of reasons to purchase a portable CD recorder, and this article will discuss some of these reasons, as well as some things you should look for if you are considering making such a recorder your next technological purchase.

The first thing to consider when you are looking for a portable CD recorder is whether you actually need one for whatever recording task you have in mind. Many people decide to purchase portable CD recorders because they are attracted to the idea of being able to take them anywhere and record data or audio while out in the field or while traveling. However, if you do not have a clear and direct need for a portable CD recorder, you may be much better off deciding to purchase a traditional, AC powered CD recorder, as you will likely be able to obtain one that records data to CDs at significantly faster speeds than those you will find from a portable CD recorder. In fact, even a basic AC powered CD recorder will record data to a CD at a much faster rate than a high end portable CD recorder, because the technology required to spin the CD and record the data to the CD can be manufactured much more cheaply in the standard CD recorder size than it can when trying to fit it into a portable CD recorder enclosure.

However, if you decide that your needs do require you to have a portable CD recorder, perhaps the first thing you will have to decide is how fast you want the recorder to be. It is possible to purchase portable CD recorders that record up to 52 X, or 52 times the natural reading speed of the CD. Having a portable CD recorder that can make fast recordings can be an advantage, as it can allow you to record more information in less time, which you will appreciate if you find yourself needing to make several copies of a file, an album, or a template disk. It is worth remembering, though, that the faster the CD burning capabilities of the portable CD recorder, the more expensive the recorder will be, even if all of the remaining features are the same. That said, you may find the increase in speed worth the increase in price.

Another thing to look for in a portable CD recorder is an extended warranty. Unfortunately, there are often a lot of defective components used in portable CD recorders due to the rush to push the devices onto the market for people to buy them. As a result, it is typical for the average portable CD recorder to start producing badly recorded or mastered CDs within a year or two of when you purchased it. This is most often due to degradation in the laser correction mechanism, which means the recording laser is no longer pointed accurately at the CD, which leads to bad burns and CDs that have no other use besides serving as coasters. You will want extended warranty protection to insure your purchase.

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