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Portable Dvd Recorder - What to look for in a portable DVD recorder

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A portable DVD recorder is a device that allows you to record audio and video such as movies, television shows, and sound recordings onto a digital video disk, or a DVD. Portable DVD recorders have begun to grow in popularity in recent years as manufacturers have made them more affordable to increase demand among consumers. Technology that used to be far above the affordability range of the average consumer has suddenly become relatively affordable, leading more and more people to consider bringing home portable DVD recorders for personal use. Today it is possible to purchase a portable DVD recorder for little more than $100, which is still considerably more than regular DVD recorders now cost, but considerably less than the technology used to cost only a few years ago. However, even though a portable DVD recorder is more affordable in today’s market than at any time in the history of DVD technology, there are still wide ranges in the quality and performance you can achieve from such recorders, depending on where you buy them from and how much you pay. This guide will provide inside information on some things to look for when purchasing a portable DVD recorder to help you make the most of your hard earned money.

Perhaps the most important thing to consider when looking for a portable DVD recorder is if you really need a portable DVD recorder at all. After all, it is still considerably cheaper to purchase a dedicated DVD recorder that runs strictly on AC power. If you plan to primarily use your DVD recorder in your home or apartment living environment, you will almost certainly be better off with an AC powered DVD recorder, as such a device will be made in a larger case, which means it will not use miniaturized electronics that are more prone to failure due to their construction and enclosure in a poorly ventilated environment. Furthermore, an AC powered DVD recorder will be more sturdy and less prone to breaking as it will not sacrifice durability for portability and light weight features. Additionally, you are likely to get far more features from an AC powered DVD recorder for a given price point than you are if you purchase a portable DVD recorder, which will likely be more expensive and offer fewer features.

However, if you do decide that your needs require a portable DVD recorder, such as if you will need to frequently make DVD recordings while you are on the road or abroad, then something you should prioritize is variety in the power sourcing options of the recorder. You will want a portable DVD recorder that can not only run off battery power, but one that can be plugged into an AC outlet if you are using it at home. You will also want it to be capable of being powered by the cigarette lighter in a vehicle, so you can recharge it in your car or truck while you are driving from one recording location to another. Speaking of recharging, you will want to make sure your portable DVD recorder is capable of using rechargeable batteries, and you will want to purchase a model that efficiently uses those batteries. It will not do you much good to have a portable DVD recorder that can only run for half an hour on battery power, as this will severely limit the amount of video or audio you can record on a DVD while the device is being used in a portable fashion.

Something else you should keep in mind when you are looking for a portable DVD recorder is the connectivity options it has. There are a number of different ways to connect a DVD recorder to a television or another audio or video device, and the more connection options your portable DVD recorder has, the more likely you will be able to use it when you are out in the field with a variety of different equipment. At a minimum, you should look for a device with the capability of recording via RCA cables, S-Video, coaxial cables, and in particular, HDMI. HDMI has become the standard for high definition video, and is the most important connection.

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