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Portable Tape Recorder - How To Choose And Use A Portable Tape Recorder

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A portable tape recorder may seem like old technology to some, but tape recorders are a tried and true option for students, teachers, doctors, business people, songwriters, and people involved in thousands of other professions and hobbies. There are hundreds of types of portable tape recorders available, and before purchasing one, it’s important to know what you’re buying and how to find a great portable tape player at a reasonable price.

The features offered by modern portable tape recorders are very advanced compared to what was possible ten or twenty years ago. Modern tape recorders often provide users with the ability to record automatically via voice activation—an extremely useful feature for some recording environments. Multiple quality settings are also a common feature, which alternate between the different settings of tapes to allow for more recording time or better recording quality depending on the user’s preference.

Modern portable tape recorders can record in a number of formats. Most will use cassettes or minicassettes. There’s no particular advantage to either medium, other than the physical size of the cassettes. There are also a number of digital recorders on the market. These record onto internal memory or onto flash memory cards. Purists will prefer classic tape recorders, as they have low-cost media that can be easily stored and switched out.

Check to see that the portable tape recorder you’re buying has at least one earphone jack, and try to find specifications for its microphone. Many portable tape recorders can use an external mic, and if you’re going to be recording in loud environments or if you’re going to be recording multiple speakers, it’s a good idea to invest in one of these external microphones when buying your recorder. Be sure to buy a mic that’s designed to work with the model of tape recorder that you’ve purchased, or you may need to buy special adapters.

Read online reviews before buying a portable tape recorder. Check to see whether there are a large number of complaints about volume, recording quality, or major malfunctions. A few complaints is usually nothing to worry about, but if a product gathers numerous negative reviews from different customers, it’s probably best to look for a more evenly reviewed portable tape recorder. This is the best way to get a general idea of whether you’re getting a superior product, and it won’t take you very long. Use a major site like Google or Yahoo shopping to find customer reviews that aren’t biased in the portable tape recorder manufacturer’s favor.

Try to buy a portable tape recorder from a major brand, such as Sony, Panasonic, Coby, Samsung, or RCA. These companies tend to make higher quality portable tape recorders with better options. They also tend to be more dependable than some generic products, and usually have a better warranty system. Warranties can be very important with any electronics, and particularly portable tape recorders, as they provide some insurance if you’re shipped a faulty or malfunctioning product.

When you buy any portable tape recorder, you should also look for a way to make backups of your tapes. Even the best recorders can occasionally “eat” a tape, so making backups is a wise and very cost-effective way to avoid serious losses. You can do this with a dual cassette tape deck or you can make digital copies with your computer if you’re able to send the output of the portable tape recorder to your computer’s microphone or line-in jack. You’ll also want to get labels for the tapes, as this will help you to stay organized. Finally, remember to give your tape recorder periods of rest every once in a while to avoid overheating.

A portable tape recorder can be a great purchase, and regardless of what you’re using it for, if you take the time to read the instructions and research the products that you buy, you’ll end up with a great, flexible way to record yourself and others in practically any environment.

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