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Porter Cable Nailer - A Porter Cable Nailer Offers Many Benefits On A Project Or Jobsite

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Modernization and technology in the construction industry has brought many time and labor saving practices and tools to the forefront of the industry. The reasonable cost of these developments, particularly concerning commercial grade tools, has allowed anyone who purchases a specialized tool to experience the same benefits as professional contractors. Air powered tools in particular have virtually replaced the constant pounding of hammer on many projects and construction sites. Savvy contractors and homeowners purchase quality tools from reliable brands. These commercial grade or heavy-duty tools are built to perform form long periods of time in a variety of conditions. A Porter Cable nailer can virtually shave hours of hammering nails into projects like: framing, finished carpentry, roofing, and decks.

A Porter Cable nailer works by utilizing an air compressor to force air through a hose into the nailer. The mechanism of the nailer then fires the nail into the nailing surface, thus fastening the items together. Previously, a nail would have to be positioned and hammered into place. Of course, the hammering method is still just as reliable, but requires several strokes to complete; whereas, an air nailer can complete the job in one squeeze of a button. Considering the amount of nails that go into a typical project the minutes saved really add up. Plus, the chance of nails being bent from miss hits is removed from the equation, and also gone is the potential from damage due to striking the surface instead of the nail.

Porter Cable is a brand of tools that has been trusted by professional contractors and craftsman for peak performance for several decades. The tools are fabricated using high quality and durable parts to extend the life of the tool beyond one project. In addition, the company offers great warranties and service in the event a particular tool does not meet expected performance parameters. While the brand’s tools, which include items such as a Porter Cable nailer, various drills, and a many other types of equipment, retail at a higher cost than basic residential grade tools, the trade off is that high quality items do not require replacement as often as low quality tools. By spending a little more upfront contractors and general consumers can save more money in the long term by removing the process of constantly replacing the same tool several times. When it comes to tools consumers almost always get exactly what they pay for.

The main downside to a Porter Cable nailer is in the unique application of the tool. While the device is terrific for performing repeated fastening actions, it can not be used to pry two boards apart or remove bent and damaged nails from a surface. Nor can the device be used to strike a board into place. While the air nailer is a valuable time saving tool, it is not a replacement for a hammer on a project or jobsite. However, experienced remodeling professionals realize that using any tool in the intended application will not only prolong the life the piece of equipment, but it will also get the job done right. Therefore, it is important for equipment owners to know the limits of a particular device and use it accordingly not only for productivity sake but also for safety reasons.

All things considered, choosing a high quality tool that can be used to complete several different projects is generally a great decision. A Porter Cable nailer can be used to rapidly fasten all sorts of general building materials without delivering painful shots to the thumbs or other fingers. While air nailers were originally thought of as contractor only tools, they have found their way into mainstream use due to their ability to cut down project completion timeframes. When the job or project calls for laying flooring, roof covering, deck boards, drywall, or other repetitious actions, everybody can benefit from using one of these great pieces of equipment. Homeowners and contractors who invest in purchasing a Porter Cable nailer can reap the rewards that a quality tool provides for years, and save a substantial amount of time in the process. Porter Cable nailers and other great tools are available in a variety of large department stores, home improvement warehouses, wholesale clubs, and numerous websites.

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