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Portland Oregon Jobs - Impressive Employers Make Competition for Portland Oregon Jobs Intense

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People seeking jobs in Portland Oregon should be aware of the particular industries that thrive in this corner of the Pacific Northwest. The high-tech industry and green industries are especially successful, as are a number of non-profit agencies. Major companies like Nike, Adidas, and Columbia Sportswear have operations either based in Portland Oregon or in neighboring communities. Local businesses like Jantzen and Pendleton have enjoyed success for decades and provide multiple employment opportunities. In Portland Oregon, jobs of nearly every type and description can be found if the job seeker is persistent and understands the demands of the marketplace.

Employers like Intel and Boeing need personnel with excellent high-tech skills to fill positions in their Portland Oregon facilities. Both of these companies are regarded as being among the best to work for in the United States, which makes for keen competition when positions become available. Having the right combination of education and experience opens many doors with these and other high-tech companies. Competitive salaries and an impressive array of benefits await those candidates who qualify for positions here and the quality of life in Portland provides an additional incentive for individuals and families to relocate here.

Perhaps it is because everything in the Pacific Northwest is green and growing, or maybe it is just the spectacular natural beauty of the region. Whatever the reason, Portland Oregon jobs that focus on sustainability and green technologies are booming. Jobs in this sector are both challenging and rewarding as employees work to highlight conservation issues and look for ways to lead more ecologically-friendly lives. The clean-tech industry, solar power, and biodiesel equipment are all represented among Portland Oregon jobs. Workers in this sector may be scientists or seeking entry-level employment in a clerical position. With interest in these technologies growing there will be plenty of opportunities for advancement in the coming years.

Most consumers have heard of companies like Nike, Adidas, and Columbia Sportswear, but few realize that many Portland Oregon jobs are with these impressive companies. For the sports and outdoor enthusiast, working at one of these establishments is a dream come true. Candidates with scientific training will find opportunities in research and development as they work to bring new products to the market. People who have selling skills may find positions in marketing and advertising. These companies also have legal departments and an array of clerical positions available at their Portland facilities. Whether a prospective employee is experienced or looking for a first time job, any of these companies would be a solid entry on their resume as these companies have reputations for demanding the best from employees.

Local companies such as Jantzen and Pendleton have worked for decades to build worldwide reputations for style and quality and they have succeeded on all fronts. Candidates who have training in fashion and textiles would certainly thrive at one of these companies, as would people who have experience with marketing. These companies also employ accounting and legal professionals in Portland Oregon jobs as well as a range of clerical and production workers. Being employed at one of these companies is seen as a mark of distinction, largely because of the cachet attached to these labels.

Living in Portland Oregon is not all about work. The region enjoys a mild, though sometimes rainy, climate and can become quite warm during the summer months. A near-absence of snow is seen as an asset by many new arrivals who are used to a more wintry landscape for several months of the year. The hospitable weather and varied terrain in the region guarantee that many people spend a great deal of their free time out of doors. People employed in Portland Oregon will find that the beach and the mountains are both within an hour drive, making for diverse and entertaining weekends. Arts and culture thrive here as well and many people in the city enjoy music, theater, and dance on a regular basis.

Portland Oregon jobs are as plentiful and varied as are the recreational opportunities presented by the city’s beautiful surrounding landscape. With an understanding of the major industries here, candidates can find a job that offers the right combination of responsibilities, salary, and benefits.

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