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Print Shop Pro Publisher - Create your own Custom Cards and Letters with Print Shop Pro Publisher

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There are a number of companies that design software products to be used in conjunction with a printer. The Broderbund company has been creating printing software for many decades and offers a full range of products designed to meet any home or office needs. Their print shop pro publisher line has several products available including some deluxe programs. The professional print shop program available in the deluxe version comes on a dvd made to be run on Windows. The dvd includes the resources and tools you need to create a wide assortment of paper products.

You will find the program also includes templates to make designing the type of product you want to print much easier. When you select a template to use it will come with the various sections already partitioned into your columns, headers and image areas. You simply enter the information you want to use for your specific product or service. This is a fast and easy way to create brochures and newsletters. To load an image onto your page you can select one of the thousands of preloaded clip art images included with the package, or use one of your own.

The clip art images also make designing your own custom greeting cards a breeze. The various card and calendar programs take you through a step-by-step process until you complete your project. When your item is finished you can save it for later use or print it out on the appropriate type of card stock paper. The program allows you to personalize each card or letter you create by editing the name section. You also get a tool for designing custom labels you can use for your own home address or for mailing addresses. This is a great way to create business labels with your company name and logo.

The print shop pro also allows you to design business letterheads and stationary. There are also templates for many standard business forms and you can even create web page layouts. This deluxe package includes the tools you need to edit the images you want to use. You can easily resize any image to fit the space provided on a particular form or card you are creating. You also get several color enhancing tools to enhance the look of the image you are using. There are also many pre-designed borders and alphabets to choose from when designing your custom letter or form.

This particular software program will require a computer with an operating system of Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7. It also requires 2GB hard disk space and DirectX 9. Your computer needs to have a DVD drive and be capable of displaying images in an 800 by 600 screen resolution or higher. To access the Internet and web page features you will need to have an Internet connection and Adobe Acrobat reader as well as the flash player. Using this printing program will allow you to create a vast assortment of paper products to suit all your personal or business needs.

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