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Printer Fax Machines - How to Complete a Home Office With a Printer Fax machine

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When designing a home office, you will want to plan it out to make the most efficient use of the space you have. Usually, you’ll have a small spare bedroom or maybe a seldom used den that makes for a good home office. Figuring out the right kind of furniture as well as the proper office equipment can be a challenge.

Depending on your budget as well as the size of the space you have to work with, will go a long way in determining how best to lay out your office. You’ll want a nice large work surface, usually a desk, but it can also be a large tabletop. A file cabinet or two should be included for storing all of your papers. Add in a telephone, calculator, stapler and scotch tape dispenser and it is almost complete. A storage unit for all your office supplies and any reference materials rounds out your office. Ooops! Almost forgot. Every well equipped home office also needs a computer and printer fax machine.

There are many different brands of printer fax machines. Generally, they are part of what is commonly referred to as an “all in one” machine. Not only does this machine have the capability of printing documents and images and transmitting and receiving faxes, it also has additional capabilities. An “all in one” unit can also make copies and scan documents into your computer.

The days of using thermal paper in your fax machine are pretty much over. You no longer will have to uncurl the rolled paper, cut the sheets apart and try to recopy them on to regular paper. Almost all printer fax machines use standard 8.5 by 11 inch paper. Technology has come a long way since the first fax machines were invented.

Today, most machines come with an LCD screen that gives you step by step instructions for each mode of operation. So, you won’t have to refer back to an instruction manual every time you want to send a fax. Scanning a document, which you may only do on occasion, has also been simplified. Manufacturers have made these machines very user friendly to operate. There are basically two types of machines to choose from.

Laser printer fax machines usually have a higher initial purchase price, but have the highest quality of print you can get. After making an investment in one of these machines, you will need to buy a toner cartridge every so often. A cartridge is more expensive than a typical ink jet cartridge, but will give you far more pages of print before needing to be replaced. Over time, you will probably find operating a laser printer fax machine to be very cost effective. In addition to its excellent display capabilities, the machine is very fast. Good quality models have a large memory for storing addresses, numbers and other relevant information as well as being able to process a large number of documents, quickly. Most have an automatic feed where you can put up to 30 pages (varies by model) in the machine, dial the number and walk away while it sends the fax. A large capacity paper tray (some can hold 250 sheets, or half a ream, of paper), makes for fewer refills.

Ink jet all in ones are somewhat less expensive than laser based machines. They work very well and produce very sharp images. Instead of a toner cartridge, you will need to buy ink cartridges (usually a black cartridge and a color cartridge). Most of the other features described in the description of a laser machine, carry through to the ink jet model. Speed, paper tray, automatic feed and image quality are very similar. The real difference is in the source of printing. An ink cartridge versus a toner cartridge.

The printer fax machine or the all in one printer is an essential piece of equipment for most home offices. It is extremely compact and has a footprint of less than 2 feet wide. This will give you lots of desk space which often is at a premium. Shop around at your local office supply store and ask the sales clerk any questions you may have. In the end, it is your choice as to which machine is best for you.

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