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Promise Ring Jewelry - Why is promise ring jewelry not an engagement ring?

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Most of us are familiar with the concept of an engagement ring. Traditionally, an engagement ring features a single diamond and is presented as part of a request to marry the recipient. Not everyone isfamiliar with the type of jewelry known as a promise ring, though. What is the purpose of promise ring jewelry and why are these rings not considered engagement jewelry?

A promise ring is also known as a “pre-engagement ring” or a “friendship ring.” These rings date back to at least the 16th century and are given as a symbol of long-term commitment to a relationship. For many, these ring also imply that you are “engaged to be engaged”—that is, it is a promise that at some point a piece of engagement ring jewelry will follow.

Promise rings may also be intended as purity rings. A purity ring implies a commitment to pre-marital abstinence. Your ring may or not be both a promise ring and a purity ring—that choice is up to you and the person for whom you are purchasing the ring. There are no real differences between the styles of rings used for either purpose.

Purity rings are often worn on the right ring finger to differentiate them from an engagement ring. Occasionally, you will see promise rings worn on the left middle finger or even the middle finger. The choice is truly up to the recipient. Be aware that wearing a promise ring on your left ring finger will cause a lot a nosy inquiries about when you’re getting married.

Promise rings come in many different styles and with a variety of different stones. In the 1960’s, promise rings were traditionally pearls. This is the origin of the term “pearled,” meaning you were “going steady.” Today’s jewelry purchasers have a lot more options in promise jewelry. Any stone, metal, or style you like can conceivable be a promise ring.

A claddagh ring is one popular choice for promise jewelry. A claddagh is a traditional Irish symbol of love that consists of two hands holding a heart which wears a crown. Claddagh rings can be purchased in a variety of metals, with or without a stone. This makes it a great choice for any budget.

Diamond promise rings are another popular choice. These rings come in the same range of styles as engagement rings but are often much more affordable. When giving a piece of diamond promise jewelry, you should be careful that your recipient understands your intent. You wouldn’t want to give promise ring jewelry and have it mistaken for engagement ring jewelry. The disappointment would take away from the thoughtfulness of your gift.

Really any ring that suits the style of your recipient can serve as a promise ring. You may like a simple band, a colored stone like a sapphire or an emerald, or perhaps you would like a stylish modern art ring. Decide your budget limitations and then began searching for ideas online. Ask your beloved what type of rings they like when you’re out window shopping. Also, be sure to find out his or her ring size or purchase a ring that can be easily sized without damage. A jeweler can help you with both of these tasks.

Once you’ve purchased a promise ring, simply tell the person why you purchased the ring for them and what it means to you. You’re sure to win their heart if you put time and effort into your selection.

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