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Raleigh News And Observer - The Past & Present of Raleigh News and Observer

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Raleigh News and Observer is a daily newspaper based in North Carolina’s Research Triangle that covers publication for the areas of Raleigh, Cary, Chapel Hill, and Durham. The paper’s readers consist of a considerable amount and remain a very popular news source among readers on the state’s eastern side. Raleigh’s The News and Observer stands as the second largest newspaper of the state of North Carolina. Daily, it is estimated that nearly 176, 000 papers are published and distributed. Sunday, rotation is larger at an estimated 211,000. The News and Observer has acquired three Pulitzer prizes, which is a feat considered to be very honorable in the writing world. For its readers, the paper offers great content and no political bias, which can be refreshing in the news world where views are typically being shoved down the throats of viewers and readers.

News and Observer’s Past

The past of Raleigh’s News and Observer can be traced back to the year the newspaper publication The Sentinel was found, which was in 1865. However, that paper soon grew to become The Observer. The Observer then merged with the 1880 publication The News, which created The News and Observer. During the year of 1894, a man by the name of Josephus Daniels purchased the newspaper with the intent to use the paper as a way to show support for the Democratic Party. Josephus Daniels remained the editor of the newspaper until he died in the year of 1948. But while he lived, he made a lot of changes to the publication. He was the first to install linotype machines. He changed the paper’s typography and also removed advertisements from the front of the paper’s page. This however did not stop readers, for the newspaper was considered to be very popular. Daniels was also a racist and he used the newspaper to attempt to remove officials from the office that were African American. He also supported using intimidation and violence as a way to control the votes of blacks.

However, when the Democrats were where he wanted them to be, which was in control, Daniels said that he regretted the way he tried to get what he wanted. And on a more positive side, Daniels gave support to causes like banning alcohol, public education, and laws that were against child labor.

When he passed, his sons took over the direction of the newspaper. Within the early 90’s, detached itself of local newspapers based in the North Carolina and South Carolina mountains. Due to this move, by the year of 1993, sales that were made on Sundays for the newspaper publication estimated to be 200,000 papers sold a week. Today, however, though those disassociations were made, the paper still maintains ownership of several other newspapers, like Smithfield Herald. In the year of 1994, The News and Observer began to publish an online newspaper, becoming one of the first of its kind.

In 1995, a century of Daniels family ownership of the newspaper ended when McClatchy Newspapers purchased the newspaper. The paper was sold for a mega $373,000,000. During the mid 90’s, the installation of Flexo machines created a fresh look for the newspaper once referred to as “Old Reliable”. With the introduction of Flexo machines, thirty two pages of color were printed, making the publication brighter.

News and Observer’s Present

Although once referred to as one of the best 100 newspapers of the nation by the Journalism Review of Columbia, the newspaper, as with most print publications, has been seeing some suffering. In 2008, the newspaper had to offer buyouts to a whooping 320 of their newsroom employees as a means to cut their expenses. They also had to lay off 70 of their employees. Since then, buyouts and layoffs have been continuing. Even so, with the declining interest in buying newspapers in today’s society, Raleigh News and Observer offers a refreshing take on daily news for any North Carolina resident.

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