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Samsung Dvd Vcr Combo - Samsung DVD VCR Combo: The $89 or the $299 Model?

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VCR players are a consumer electronic that are rarely seen anymore since the advent of disk technology, otherwise known as DVDs (Digital Video Disks) and CDs (Compact Disks), VCR players have become obsolete. However, for people who do not necessarily buy all the newest technological items, some manufacturers of consumer electronics still make combination players and recorders, such as the Samsung DVD VCR combo.

Samsung is a well-known manufacturer of many consumer electronics and they usually come at a fair price. While their company has a long and colorful history, they are most noted for their exceptional televisions, home stereo and hone theatre systems in addition to their DVD, Blu-Ray, VCR and VHS players and recorders. When it cam time to transition from the older VCR players to newer disk DVD players, Samsung decided to stick with manufacturing their combination DVD VCR player in addition to the usual DVD player, which allowed those who still used VHS cassette tapes to continue to enjoy their media while still using the very newest and best in technology.

The $89 Samsung DVD VCR Combo Player
The Samsung DVD VCR combo offered by Amazon.com offers a progressive scan ability with a four head Hi-Fi VCR player that is also compatible with MP3, JPEG and WMA playback formats. Additionally, this combo by Samsung offers a Digital audio output and a DivX playback capability as well. With these capabilities, any user can easily convert their VHS tapes into DVDs and vice versa. With the additional support for HDMI output with an up-conversion good enough to view 1080p on an HDTV. This combo set, according to consumer reviews, gives the added plus of clear picture and sound.

The downfall to this Samsung DVD VCR combo is that it has no self-tuner. What this means is that the consumer must add another source for tuning, such as television set-top box to work properly because there is no coaxial input available. To use the combo player, users must attach the television then add their cable to the television, not the player. However, for those who do not use a set-top box for receiving cable or satellite, it could be a problem because most televisions only come equipped with one input/output for coaxial cables. Another downfall to this the $89 player is that it offers only three months. The three-month warranty is sorely inadequate as, according to many consumer reviews, the $89 player breaks just after the warranty expires and it costs $45 to send it to them and $45 to have Samsung send it back fixed.

The $299 Samsung DVD VCR Combo Player
One particular Samsung DVD VCR combo, which is sold by JC Penny sells it for $299 and is also offered by Amazon.com. The difference between the above player and this player concerns quality and extra features, even if it is only one extra feature recorded. The added feature that make the $299 combo player worth the price is the ability to perform a dual-layer recording on +/- R discs. However, much like the $89 player, there is no self tuner, meaning nowhere to input cable.

This model also offers a built-in up-conversion, which uses the Hi-Def Multi-media Interface and is compatible to play DVDs on 1080p televisions, just as the other model does. An additional “feature” that comes with this Samsung DVD VCR player combo is the warranty available from JC Penny. This player offers a one-year warranty for parts and labor, no questions asked and is a much-needed improvement over the $89 model.

While Samsung makes the highest quality consumer electronics and they attempt to achieve the same dignity with their DVD VCR combo player, the players themselves lack the functionality they need to make them “high-quality.” However, the $89 model, with the same basic features as the pricier model, is certainly worth a look. According to Amazon customer reviews, the cheaper version us worth the price, as most Samsung brand consumer electronics are.

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