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Scotia Online Banking - Taking Advantage of Scotia Online Banking

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Many people today use online banking for checking their balances or maybe paying their bills. But with Scotia Online Banking, so much more is possible. Their online services run the gamut from basic account management to investing. The aim of Scotia bank is to make all their financial services accessible and manageable.

Getting started banking online with Scotia bank can also begin online. Begin by visiting their home page to see what kind of accounts you’d like to open. Scotia bank offers checking, savings, money market, small business accounts, credit accounts, even mortgages and you can apply for all these accounts in the convenience of your home, on your computer. You can even apply for increases on your credit cards or lines of credit.

To fully appreciate Scotia online banking, let’s begin with the basics of personal banking. As you open accounts, you will have the opportunity to nickname each account. For example, one account might be called household while another might be vacation fund. Once you log on to your accounts, you will see that all accounts are listed on the page with their balances. You have merely to click on your selection to reveal further details or to make changes. There is a quick links side bar which will allow you to pay bills, transfer money, even send money Western Union. You can see copies of canceled checks and check the daily activity on each account. Have a small business? There is no need to have separate passwords and logins. You can access personal and business accounts with the same user name and password.

Now let’s move on to credit accounts. You can apply for credit cards online. Once approved, the balances will appear on you accounts page under liabilities. You’ll be able to see your balance, credit limit, available credit, and payment history right online with Scotia banking. You can make a payment or even apply for a larger credit limit simply with a few clicks of the mouse. Whether you have credit cards or a line of credit, Scotia online banking makes it easy to manage.

Along similar lines, you can also manage a mortgage online at Scotia bank as well. Real estate agents know that buying a house is much easier if you have already obtained a pre-approved mortgage loan. You apply for one with Scotia online banking. You will also have access to amortization calculators, payment calculators, and other useful tools for acquiring and managing a mortgage. Right on the screen, you can see your payment history, how much time you have left, your interest rate, all the information that you need. You can even increase your monthly payment online to shorten the time until you own your home outright.

Of course, these are all the things we should expect from online banking. But at Scotia bank, you can also open investment accounts online and manage them right from the same account page as your regular and credit accounts. Scotia banking provides several options for investing, from completely investor controlled to guided accounts where you have the advice of the experts for making your investment decisions. And like all other accounts, they are easily monitored and secure.

Speaking of security, Scotia online banking also provides an alert system you can modify for your use. You can have alerts sent via text message, email, or both. You can choose to receive alerts whenever a check clears. You can choose to receive an alert whenever a balance dips below a certain level. You can even choose not to receive alerts during certain times such as dinner or after bedtime. Finally, you can receive email from the bank on your accounts page and send email to a bank representative if you have a question or concern. There really isn’t a lot you can’t do with Scotia online banking.

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