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Screen Print Shirts - Tips for Buying Screen Print Shirts

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Screen print shirts are an inexpensive way to promote a business or event, since they can be printed with any design or slogan you choose. When you buy screen print shirts in bulk, the price can be as low as $3.00 per shirt or even less. Whether you are giving the shirts away as a promotion or selling them at the event, this is a deal you just can’t beat. However, it is easy for costs to add up when ordering custom printed shirts. These tips will help you keep the cost in line with your budget.

The first tip is to shop around. This is obvious, and you probably do it with everything you buy. There are many companies online that sell custom screen print shirts, as well as local companies in all areas. Many people prefer to support local businesses, but it’s good to shop around among neighboring towns as well even if you want to keep your business within the local economy.

Next, try to stick to plain T-shirts unless there is a good reason to opt for a more fashionable choice. You will find that most people are fine with wearing regular T-shirts. However, if your target market is made up of teenagers, you may find that a more stylish shirt is desirable.

White shirts are cheaper for T-shirt printers to buy, and many of them pass this savings on to their customers. You may find that you can save fifty cents or more per shirt by opting for white shirts instead of colored. However, there is a downside to white shirts. They get dirty easily and plain designs will look boring on a white shirt. Sometimes it is better to go with a colored shirt that makes more of a statement.

Keep in mind when ordering custom screen print shirts that fancy inks will increase the price of the shirts. If you order shirts with puff ink, glitter ink, flock or other premium inks, you will pay more for each shirt. You’ll need to evaluate how important the premium ink element is to the look of your design.

The last tip for keeping the cost of your screen print shirts down is to limit the number of ink colors used in creating the design. Although a one-color design must be truly outstanding to turn heads, a two-color design can often look just as impressive as a full four-color process print. For each color in your print design, you will increase the cost of setup because a separate screen must be made for each color. In addition, the cost of each shirt will increase because it will take longer to do the printing.

If you follow these tips, you can keep the cost of your screen print shirts low so that you can spend more money advertising and running your event. Screen print shirts are the perfect souvenir for any event. If people have a good time, they will want something to help them remember the day, and every time they wear the shirt they will be helping you promote next year’s event so that your success will grow each year.

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