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Sea Tac Airport Parking - Where can I find Sea Tac airport parking that is affordable and nearby?

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Parking near any airport can be confusing and expensive and Sea Tac Airport is no exception. You should take time to research all the available options before heading out to the airport to avoid last minute travel stress.

The airport runs several parking lots, all with difference pricing scales. The closest parking lot is Terminal Direct, which is located on the fourth floor of the parking garage. This lot is directly connected to the main terminal of Sea Tac airport. It is available for both short and long term parking. You can expect to pay premium prices for this lot at $35 a day or $4 an hour.

The third floor and the fifth through eighth floors of the parking garage are the General Parking area. Still extremely close to the airport, you can expect to pay $3 an hour, $28 for a full day or a discounted $130 for a full week of parking. For this premium price, you will be a short walk from the terminal.

Motorcycles pay the same price as other vehicles in all these lots, unfortunately. These same rates also apply to all disabled parking spots.

Remember that if you’re parking an extremely tall vehicle, you will have to head to the Overheight Clearance parking. Keep in mind that the normal parking garage’s clearance is only seven feet. The Overheight Clearance parking is farther away from the terminal but still walking distance. Follow the signs from SR 518 to find this Sea Tac parking lot.

If you want to save money, you’ll want to head to one of the distant economy parking lots operated by private companies. These lots will usually provide a shuttle to bring you to the airport but you’ll need to budget extra time into your travel. Local parking lot operators include the very large MasterPark (operating four separate lots and a garage). Another option is the Sea Tac Park company which boasts the only 24 hour shuttle service to the airport. Sea Tac airport lists the Doug Fox airport parking as their preferred lot on their website. Located off of South 170th street, their weekly rate is only $85.

None of these airport parking options are cheap, but if you shop around you can save a considerable amount of money. You will sacrifice time and convenience as you move out to these economy lots. Think about what would make your trip easy and relaxing before you settle on the perfect Sea Tac parking lot.

Finally, keep in mind that the Link Light Rail system does run to the airport from downtown Seattle, which allows you to leave your car at home. Also, like any airport, there are multiple taxi and shuttle bus services that would be happy to convey you to the airport for the right price.

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