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Sharp Laser Printer - Sharp: An Evolution from Mechanical Pencils to Laser Printers

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Sharp, a well-known and respected brand of consumer electronics also makes laser printers. The Sharp Company history is long and involved, making its start by developing the world’s first “Ever-Sharp” brand of mechanical pencils (circa 1900) then evolving into the radio and telecommunications industry about 15 years later. From there, Sharp became involved with the production of their Radio Sets during World War II and after the war ended, they tuned back to normal production. In 1949, Sharp was listed in the Japanese Osaka Stock Exchange for the first time.

In 1953, Sharp introduced the mass produced television, of which they began their research into the TV industry in 1931. As of 1955, Sharp, doing business in Japan under the company name of Hayakawa Electric Industry Co., Ltd., finally reached their goal of producing television sets that were economical for every household in Japan to have at 145,000 Yen and 14-inches diagonal. Circa 1956, the Sharp Electric Company was established in Osaka to function as a wholesaling plant. In 1959, Sharp started manufacturing all types of home appliances and home electronics.

1962 brought the first American plant, called Sharp Electronics Corporation, to New York City, where they focused on making and selling black and white televisions and transistor radios. From there, Sharp went on to become the first to produce microwave ovens, solar cells, electronic medical equipment, electronic calculator and other such devices. In 1970, the divided corporations, the Sharp Electronics Corporation and the Hayakawa Electric Industry Co., Ltd decided to use a single name to prevent brand division. They became known as the Sharp Corporation and have lived on to the present as such while continuing to improve upon their devices and innovations worldwide.

Recent Electronics
Fast forward to today, in 2010 when the Sharp Corporation boasts a variety of products including refrigerators, cash registers, LCD televisions and other consumer and business minded appliances and electronics, which include laser printers and copiers. The Sharp Laser Pinter as one of the most reliable multifunction printers ever made. The Sharp AL-2040CS laser printer is made for the home or small-sized business office and offers printing, copying and scanning all in a single device. As a copier, this laser printer prints up to 20 pages per minute and as a printer, outputs up to 16 pages per minute with an 8-second delay to the first print. Offering duplex copying and printing, this Sharp laser printer also offers a USB connection so users can print and copy from any USB compatible device. Additionally, this multifunction Sharp laser printer is also a wireless compatible printer which allows it to be shared between multiple people on a single network.

Also included are dual paper trays, which hold up to 250 sheets of paper each and a 50 page document feeder to print automatically. When scanning documents using the built-in software for single scanning of copies, they have a resolution of up to 9600 dpi to achieve the best quality possible upon printing. This laser printer by Sharp uses toner, of which the cartridges can print up to 4,000 letter sized copies or prints before a replacement is needed. This printer is also Energy Star rated for acheiving a “green efficiency” and offers a one-year warranty on all parts and labor.

Other Sharp Laser printers include the rest of the “AL” line, which offers home and small business solutions. The AL-2030 is a smaller version of the laser printer offering many of the same features of the AL-2040CS, but in a smaller sized printer. The Sharp AL-2050CS is a heavier-duty version of the AL-2040CS and offers many of the same features, but in a larger, lower maintenance sized printer. All of the Sharp brand laser printers are geared towards the home office or small business setting. With many of the key features the same in each laser printer with the only variation being the size of the space available to put the printer. Offering a great warranty and excellent customer service, Sharp laser printers are reliable and easy to use.

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