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Slim Cd Jewel Cases - Slim CD jewel case are small pieces or portable perfection

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Is the concept of CD burning a thing of the past? All the innovations of today might lead one to think so. It’s so easy to put software on a flash drive and store your music on your favorite auto device. It almost makes you wonder if the CD and the cases that the CDs are stored are obsolete.

Slim jewel cases are far from being obsolete. These cases are the best organizers for storage. If you’re in a car and you’re on a trip these can be some the quickest ways to find exactly what you’re looking for. These disc holders are great because they allow you to store much more in a single space. If you store your compact discs in a shoebox, for example, you can store twice at many in slim CD jewel cases.

In addition to the storage these are cheap ways to get organized. They do not cost a lot, and you can obtain a large quantity for a very small amount. The fact that these storage containers are cheap allows you to do much more than organize.

If you aren’t doing much organizing these days, there are still ways to make the most of slim CD jewel cases. You can store and mail digital photo albums to family during the holidays as gifts. Gifts stored in these slim cases make great stocking stuffers.

When compared to storage cases that contain slots for CD and DVD storage, the slim cases are easier to access and easier to carry. Large storage cases may provide excellent storage for home, but slim CD jewel cases are excellent for portable materials. When you’re on the go, the slim cases are the best to use.

Storage containers of this caliber may not be used as frequently because a lot less CDs are burned. It is true that lots of material are now stored on flash drives. But these storage containers are still the best for storing the CDs that are being burned.

The precaution that must be taken, however, is to be careful with them. Once they drop the front cover usually snaps and the ends break off. This makes the case difficult to close. The area that the CD clamps down into may also break as well, and this also makes the case hard to close.

Aside from this the case is relatively flawless in the design. It’s slim and this makes it easy to stack horizontally and vertically. They fit well in backpacks, glove compartments, purses, briefcases, and just about anywhere else that you would need to take a CD.

Slim CD jewel cases are the most convenient methods for storing CDs. The cases are easily found everywhere in stores like Walmart, Office Max, and Best Buy. Some stores and online vendors even allow you to buy CD and jewel case combinations. This is such a bargain for the consumer. Most of these deals come with CD and jewel case combinations in multiple colors. With a color scheme you can even color code your jewel cases for even better organization.

All in all, it’s one of the best storage methods over the last several decades. It’s more compact than the LP album covers, better designed than the cassette covers, and it fits almost anywhere. The concept of the compact disk was portable and slim cases were the perfect fit for this type of portable audio.

Of course this wasn’t always the case. There were times when the only CD jewel cases that were available were thick cases that took up more room. The cases were similar, but the slim design was a much needed improvement in concerns to space.

Once a CD collection expanded you had to make room to add more selections to the CD rack. One of two things had to happen to do this: you had to buy another CD rack or you had to slim down your CD casings. Once the slim jewel case hit the mark there was no question that this was the way to go. And it continues to be the way for those that are still in need of storage containers for the almost-but-not-quite obsolete concept of CD burning.

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