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Sony Ericson Phones - Sony ericsson XPERIA and GreenHeart Phones

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Sony Ericsson is a well-known brand name of cell phones. Sony Ericsson phones became one of the company’s major offerings after Japanese owned Sony Corporation and Swedish telecommunications company Ericsson came together in 2001. While both Sony Corporation and Ericsson both made their own brand name phones, each company stopped manufacturing under their single names and began marketing their combines technologies as “Sony Ericsson.” This is when the brand and the legend of great cell phone technology were born. The newest lines of Sony Ericsson phones include XPERIA, with the first release in 2008 and the GreenHeart line, with the first release in 2009.

Sony Ericsson XPERIA Phones
XPERIA has become one of the most widely talked about Sony Ericsson phones available today. XPERIA from Sony Ericsson offers six versions with another expected to be released within the fall months of 2010. The first two XPERIA phones, X1 (October 2008) and X2 (October 2009) feature Windows Mobile 6.1 and Windows Mobile 6.5 operating systems, respectively. The newer XPERIA phones, the X10 (March 2010), X10 Mini (August 2010) and X10 Mini Pro (August 2010) all feature version 1.6 of the ever-popular Google Android operating system.

The XPERIA line of Sony Ericsson phones feature full QWERTY keyboards in a sliding casing. While there is not too much in the way of physical differences between the X10s, they most notably feature 600 MHz Qualcomm processors, Bluetooth, 2GB microSD storage and 2.5-inch “multi-touch” capable touchscreen displays. Additionally, XPERIA phones offer up to 5-megapixel cameras, multi-media support, web browser, GPS and 3G capabilities on the EDGE network.

As for this Android OS build, Sony Ericsson has tweaked it a bit and it offers the Timescape user interface. This UI is noted for its ability to allow the user to control all major social networking functions from one place within the home screen. Timescape is completely customizable and offers icons for the user’s choice applications including Twitter, Facebook, call history, SMS messaging and others. Users also have access to the Android Market for Apps and the Windows Marketplace, depending on which XPERIA is owned, where they can purchase various applications and other items for their XPERIA phones. This Sony Ericsson phone is available from AT&T on a two-year contract for about $350.

Sony Ericsson GreenHeart Phones
The Sony Ericsson GreenHeart phone line is an environmentally friendly line of smartphones offering five distinct versions. According to a press release dated September of 2008, Sony Ericsson took the meaning of “environmental sustainability” to heart, which evolved into this line of Sony Ericsson phones. The line includes the Hazel (May 2010), J105 Naite (October 2009), Elm (March 2010), C905 GreenHeart (July 2009), which was the original and expected as soon as the fall of 2010 is the Cedar.

All of these phones were made with environmentally friendliness in mind and use renewable resources in their construction. Additionally, according to the Sony Ericsson Sustainability Report of 2009, each GreenHeart Phone must meet their Greenheart sustainability requirements. These requirements include phasing out toxic chemicals such as bromide, PVC, beryllium and Antimony from production, using post consumer recycled plastics, using waterborne paint, loading an e-manual on the phones to reduce paper consumption, using a power saving Energy Star V qualified charger and a recycling exchange or turn-in program for all GreenHeart phones that are no longer used. Because these phones are made from recyclable and renewable materials, each piece of the phone is completely waste-free.

All of the Sony Ericsson GreenHeart phones offer 2G and 3G wireless and cellular services on the GSM and HSDPA band frequencies. Each of the displays is 2.2-inches diagonal TFT, with the exception of the Hazel, which is 2.6 inches diagonal TFT and all have a resolution of 240 pixels by 320 pixels. Additionally, these phones offer Bluetooth compatibility, USB support, GPS support, 2-megapixel, or 5-megapixel cameras (depending on the model) and up to 8GB of external microSD storage capacity. The Greenheart Sony Ericsson phones vary in price but typically range from $200 to $350.

Sony Ericsson phones have come a long way since their beginning in 2001. Not only do they make an impact on the consumer with quality phones and even better quality support, but they also make a huge impact on the environment as well. Working with sustainable and renewable resources makes Sony Ericsson phones an innovation in superior technology and the company a role model for other phone manufacturing companies.

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