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Sterling Silver Pearl Necklace - How to Choose the Sterling Silver Pearl Necklace of Your Dreams

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Pearls have been loved for millenia. In Ancient Greece, a wedding wasn’t considered valid if the bride wasn’t wearing pearls. Native Americans used pearls for barter for countless generations. Pearls were even powdered and taken as medicine in the Middle Ages.

Silver has been mined since 4000 BC. It has been used for adornment ever since. At the end of the fifteenth century, when North and South America were being explored and conquered, huge deposits of silver were discovered or appropriated. Europeans went mad over the pure and beautiful New World silver, and a veritable explosion of jewelry and objects were created by eager artists and craftspeople.

Select your favorite combination of sterling silver and pearl and the necklace of your dreams will be loved and cherished for years to come. However, once you have seen all the colors, overtones, shapes, and sizes of pearls, and the clever and stunning ways silver can be made to showcase them, you may have difficulty choosing just one necklace.

The worth of pearls is calculated by size, quality, color, and their place of origin. Some of the finest are the black pearls that come from Tahiti. The most valuable are those that have a slight overtone, called “peacock green”. Their shape and luster are breathtaking. Other regions that are famous for their pearls are Japan and the South Seas.

Other colors of pearls include white, which stood for wisdom and purity by the ancients, cream, which symbolized success, golden for wealth, and lavender, which meant love. Other beautiful colors include chocolate, pink, rose, salmon, and blue.

There are those who prefer pearls and gold, but many prefer the combination of sterling silver and lustrous pearls. Silver has a sheen that sets any color of pearls to perfection. Silver enhances, and doesn’t seek to outshine. Silver is subtle, and so makes a perfect platform for the serene glow of a pearl.

The classic presentation is the strand of pearls, with an Edwardian-styled sterling silver clasp. The size and color of pearls are a personal preference, but increasing in popularity is a single strand of black pearls, from eight to thirteen millimeters in size. The most common length of a strand is sixteen inches. This is said to enhance the neckline. Eighteen inches is becoming more popular, as it rests over the collarbones, and gives a luxurious, somewhat decadent look.

Of course, the length is totally up to the wearer. At the turn of the 20th century, women wore ropes of pearls that reached their knees. Although that style may be a bit rich for today’s pearl lover, the configuration that you prefer is definitely the pearls to wear and love. For example, several strands of smaller pearls, worn in a torsade, or twisted fashion, is quite a pretty look that is gaining popularity.

Some prefer the simplicity of a single pearl on a sterling silver chain. A larger, more special pearl can be chosen if only one is being acquired. Wearing the pearl over the heart, especially if it was given by your lover, is a simple and touching style.

The addition of a diamond or precious gem can be a lovely addition to the single pearl. The sterling silver setting can become more decorative. For example, several small but fine emeralds cut Marquise fashion and set by the pearl just so suggests leaves and an exotic, pearly fruit. Diamonds can also make an appearance on a fancier setting. A clever twisty length of silver that ends in the pearl can feature a nicely-sized diamond, or the twist can be covered with little diamond chips.

Sterling silver pendants with bezel set freshwater pearls, along with intricate engraving or gems, are very popular, as are long 36" silver strands with small pearls set as stations along the necklace. Large, highly polished silver links with pearls again set station style is another popular look. The silver lariat look with pearls on the ends is also stylish.

These necklaces will become something that a mother gives her daughter, and so becomes part of the family inheritance, from woman to woman down the years. Why not start your own family tradition with the sterling silver pearl necklace of your dreams?

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