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Td Online Banking - An overview of TD Online Banking

account easyweb transactions trust

TD online banking, called EasyWeb lets customers of TD Canada Trust perform many different types of transactions online. Anyone with a TD Canada Trust account can register for free and use this service. The most simple way to register is by going to your branch. You will be given a temporary access code, which you can then use to log in for the first time and setup your own password. As an added security measure, you will then be asked to set up some security questions and answers. These will be asked at random when you log in to EasyWeb or perform transactions in your accounts.

Once you have registered for EasyWeb, you will be able to view a summary of all your banking products that you currently have with TD Canada Trust. These include checking and savings accounts, investment products such as mutual funds and GICs, as well as credit products like TD Visa, installment loans and lines of credit. You are also able to view the history of all your account transactions as well. EasyWeb can let you view up to 18 months of transactions for checking, savings and line of credit accounts and 6 months for TD Visa accounts. You can easily sort various transactions by date and type of transaction.

One of the most convenient feature of TD online banking is the ability to pay bills directly from your computer. You can make payments to over 5000 different companies, such as utility companies, credit cards and even municipal taxes in some cities. All you have to do to set up bill payment is to choose the company that you will be paying and enter your account number with them. Take note that the “account number” that you have to enter while registering is the one printed on your bill and not your TD Canada Trust checking or savings account. You are also able to set up monthly automatic recurring payments for up to 1 year. This will make paying your bills a lot easier, as you will not have to constantly verify each month whether a certain invoice has already been paid or not.

EasyWeb also gives you the ability to transfer funds instantly between various accounts that you have at the bank. For example, you can move funds from your savings account to your checking account. You can also make payments to your TD Visa account directly from EasyWeb.

It is also possible to use TD online banking to send money to other people. You can transfer funds to anyone with a TD Canada Trust account directly from your computer, without having to go through a branch. In addition, you can use the Interac Email Money Transfer service to send money to anyone who has an email address and an account at a Canadian financial institution. If you are traveling soon, you can purchase over 40 different foreign currencies online and then go pick up the funds on your next visit to a TD Canada Trust branch.

Please note that while registering for an accessing EasyWeb is free, there could be some fees applicable to certain transactions, depending on the account type. For example, certain checking accounts allow you to make a specified amount of withdrawal per month, after which you will be charged a fee. It is best to take a look at the details of your banking package to see exactly how many and what types of transactions are included in it.

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over 2 years ago

Im trying to set up an account in the US and also want to know if i can send funds to the US and they can deposit in the US
Thanks Doug

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11 months ago

Tout recent date is a disaster. Last week I was on hold, at one time, for one hour. I had to go into the bank twice. They themselves had issue resolving my issue.
I could not get on line to my business account without my calling my partner to get the special number password. I also could not get on line to my personal account. It took days to r solve the issue. Waiting for help on liine is impossiblely long.


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almost 2 years ago