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Thermal Dvd Printer - The Difference Between High-end and Cheap Thermal DVD Printer

printing ribbon disk printers

A thermal printer is a printer that heats specialized “thermal” paper, called thermochromic paper, which turns colors when a heat source is applied. When the special thermal paper passes through the printing head or other printing mechanism such as a heated drum, the coating on the thermal paper produces an image in the spots that were heated by the printer. Printers that allow the heat to be applied at various temperatures can print in different colors. A thermal DVD printer, also known as a thermal disk printer, is the same printing machine that allows a user to print images and text to a DVD or a CD using the same thermal paper backing, which is applied to the disk on the non-recorded side.

Another type of thermal DVD printer is called a thermal re-transfer and allows for finer printing with a better resolution and color quality. Newer models of thermal printers use a ribbon placed in between the disk and the heated print head. Once the printer heats the ribbon, it is then pressed against the disk to transfer the color image to the disk. This process results in a disk image that is completely permanent, scratch-proof and of a better overall quality then older thermal DVD printers. This type of printing is also called thermographic printing and is quite popular with those who make “bootleg” copies of pirated DVDs to make the product look as if it came from a legal source.

Thermal DVD Printer Price Range
Thermal printers typically cost from $100 to $10,000, depending on various factors such as what it can print, how many printer areas it accommodates and what type of thermal system it uses. The cheaper printers are easy to get and use while the more expensive ones print with a better quality and are made for large, professional jobs.

Stampa Thermal DVD Disk Printer for Vista ($99)
This is one of the smallest and easy to use thermal DVD printers available. While it does not print photographs, it is perfect for the beginner just learning how to use thermal DVD printers before making the switch into bigger and better quality machines for more elaborate jobs that are undoubtedly a bit more complicated to use. This thermal disk printer offers printing using four color ribbons including black, red, blue and green. Black comes with the kit and the others are purchased separately as needed. Each ribbon can print up to 200 “print areas” per ribbon.

Also included in the kit are a software suite used for the printer installation in addition to print and image editing programs, a USB high-speed 2.0 port for easy connection, a black ribbon cartridge and the power adapter. The size of the printer is what makes it so convenient to use. It weighs only 2.2 pounds and measures 9.25-inches wide by 2.75-inches tall by 7.48-inches deep so the user can easily carry it around with him for printing on the go. This printer is made especially for the Windows Vista operating system, requires a 900 MHz processor or better to run.

Rimage Prism Thermal DVD Printer ($1,750)
A better quality printer is the Rimage Prism Color CD DVD Thermal Printer, which prints at an ultra high-resolution quickly. The exact resolution of this thermal DVD printer is 300 dpi by 600 dpi, the highest available in a home use printer and makes it perfect for printing DVDs in which perfect images and photos are necessary. The speed at which the thermal DVD printer works and at .65 inches a second, meaning that a DVD can print in under two minutes. The ribbon used is a CMY (Cyan, Magenta and Yellow) color combination, which allows printing of up to 500 images from each ribbon before it needs replacement. The separate monochrome ribbon, which in thermal DVD talk means black and red, will print up to 2,100 DVD images before it needs a replacement.

This thermal DVD printer has a print area of up to 4.5 inches when using it to print normal sized DVDs. Compatible with all Windows operating systems, this printer also comes with a software suite for Windows for image editing and DVD set up. It is compatible with USB high-speed 2.0 ports and is networking capable. This thermal printer is not portable, however and weighs in at about 18 pounds, though it is great for an office that does a lot of DVD printing.

A thermal DVD printer should at the very least have the ability to print CDs and DVDs with little effort using the ribbon technology. However, some older models still use the paper backing especially made for thermal printing. Either way, thermal printing for DVDs and CDs is a specialized job and a user should always use the proper equipment, no matter what the cost.

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