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Timex Data Link Watch - History of the Watch: The Timex Data Link Watch Innovates Time Pieces

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The watch has been on a downward track in recent years. When cellphones became prevalent, many people opted not to wear watches because they could just check the time on their phones. Fancy watches, like Rolex and Movado models, retained popularity as stylish fashion accessories, but watches were no longer on the forefront of technology. The advances promised by video game and calculator seemed to have been abandoned in favor of greater breakthroughs in the technology of the cellphones. However, the release of the Timex Data Link Watch was at the forefront of technological innovation long before cellphones were small enough to fit into people’s pockets.

It all started way back in the year 1994. This was the time of Tanya Harding and O. j. Simpson. Most people would probably say it feels like it was a lifetime ago. However, something incredible happened in this halcyon year. Timex released the Revolutionary Timex Datalink. It’s creation was a joint effort by the Microsoft and Timex corporations. This watch was specifically called the Datalink 50. It had the memory capacity to hold up to fifty phone numbers or a few appointment dates or to-do or shopping lists or other important short notations. This information could be scrolled across the small LCD screen that the person wore on their wrist. The real innovation was that the information could be transferred from a personal computer that was running the Windows operating system onto the watch. The data was transferred by simply holding the watch up to the computer screen. Wireless Internet connectivity was pretty much inexistent in those days, so this technology must have been very mind-blowing. Subsequent models could hold more phone numbers. These included the Data Link 75 that could hold up to seventy-five phone numbers, and the Data Link 150, which could hold up to one hundred and fifty phone numbers or the equivalent amount of data. Newer models kept getting more advanced. The iron Man Triathlon model was a huge step up. Gradually, these Timex Data Link watch machines became more like PDA devices and included things like notebook software.

The next big innovation in the Timex Data Link watch was the Data Link USB, which was introduced to much fanfare in 2003. This model was a letdown to Data Link enthusiasts. It could no longer transfer data by just being held up to the computer. However, people soon accepted the watch as a massive upgrade because the amount of data that could be transferred and the time of download process was greatly improved. Soon, these smart watches started to include all sorts of interesting apps. One popular app was the Invasion video game wrist app. This was a popular game that involved the user fighting off an alien invasion. There was a data protection system that used a user-generated password.

The wrist applications were created by different independent software developers. These were installed onto the watch by the application called the WristApp SDK Installer. The newer model featured a full dot matrix architecture . This was great for the many video games and screen savers that were developed for the device. The Invasion was one of the video game applications that was developed just to be played on the watch. Many utilitarian applications were also developed to be run on the watch. These included things like football schedules, golf score programs, and weather reports. Antikythera was another popular app. It was software that could calculate the phase of the moon. It was actually accurate within a day of five hundred years.

For all of the innovations and technological advances that came out of the Timex Data Link watch, it has now become obsolete. In the year 2010. The Timex Corporation decided to discontinue the Data Link line of watches. It is almost a foregone conclusion that something new will take the place of this historic technology. Many people are clamoring for new wrist-mounted technology. However, the Timex Data Link watch line seems to have run it’s course for the current time. As cellphones continue to become more and more advanced, it just makes sense that watches will follow suit. The end of the Data Link era is unfortunate, but is predicted to lead to the creation of new watch software platforms by developers who see a niche that is no longer being served. One thing is certain, the Timex Data Link watch was a breakthrough in mobile technology.

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over 4 years ago

Hello there,

Well here we are in 2012 and I still use my usb datalink watch and find it invaluable. Fortunately I bought a couple when they were available because you will find it hard to obtain a second-hand one, and when you do, they are at least double or more what the retail price used to be. I don't understand why Timex don't respond to the market and re-introduce them to cash in on the demand. What these watches do is incredible. First, and this is not exhaustive, when you connect to your computer you get a menu where you can store 250+ names and addresses, in a separate section 250+ notes (great for pin or a/c or passport numbers), 250 +occasions (ie. birthdays anniversaries), which scroll up in advance according to how much advance notice you nominate, 250+ appointments, which again scroll up and alarm you in advance, an extensive world time list that gives you the time anywhere, a facility to have three time zones available at the push of a button, a chronograph with split timing function, that counts to a thousandth of a second, and there are many more apps which I haven't mentioned; plus when you connect to your computer to enter someone's name and address for example it updates the time to dead accurate from the international quartz clock. These devices are still ahead of their time.