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Timex Heart Rate Monitor Watch - Features of the Timex Heart Rate Monitor Watch

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Whether you are an athlete trying to keep track of your workout regimen in an organized way, or just an everyday person trying to keep better track of your body and your health, a Timex heart rate monitor watch could be an excellent diagnostic tool for you. Professional trainers recommend tracking heart rate as a key component of evaluating how effective your workout is, and in designing a regimen that is safe and appropriate for your current health and fitness level.

Based on the design of the popular Ironman collection of sports timer watches by Timex, the heart rate monitor line is attractive enough to wear as your normal watch, so you don’t need to worry about carrying an extra tool. As a regular timekeeper, it’s got all of the precision timekeeping and display you expect from a Timex product. Units are available sized appropriately for men or women.

Basic features of the heart rate monitor watch series from Timex include continuous heart rate monitoring, target zones, workout logging, recovery rate, lap timing, and hands free operation. These watches are appropriate for any kind of workout, from beginner to professional. Higher end versions of the watch can store larger numbers of workouts and provide more detailed data.

Premium features of the Timex heart rate monitor watch line include analog or digital transmission to treadmills and other exercise equipment designed with interactive features, and the ability to transfer information about your workout to a PC for tracking or further analysis. Timex systems are designed to avoid crosstalk between your unit and other equipment, so you won’t have a monitor confused by other input, even in a crowded gym environment. A supplementary package provides the ability to transfer customized workout parameters via USB cable directly to the device, as well as sophisticated training and nutrition software by TrainingPeaks.

Some premium units also have the ability to set custom heart rate zones, the ability to set individual countdown workout timers, tracking of calories burned, or the ability to track heart rate by each individual lap in a session.

There is a Timex heart rate monitor watch for every budget, with basic units starting as low as $70 MSRP, and top of the line units with complete USB systems costing up to $220 MSRP. Make your workout more effective by having a powerful monitor and training assistant, with the Timex quality you deserve, right on your wrist.

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