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Timex Sport Watch - Choosing the Right Timex Sports Watch

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For athletes, few watch manufacturers offer a better combination of practicality, performance, and value than Timex. A quality Timex sport watch is often extremely affordable, compared to more expensive luxury watches, and offers an unmatched degree of ruggedness – a trait essential for all athletic gear. Today, we will examine three Timex models in depth: the Marathon, the Ironman Core, and the Ironman Triathlon GPS.

The Marathon is the entry level Timex sport watch, and is available in both a wristwatch and traditional stopwatch configuration. This watch comes equipped with the same basic time and date display as the 1440 series, with the addition of an alarm clock feature. In terms of additional features for athletes, the Marathon is basic but functional, offering a basic stopwatch and night light.

Early-morning runners may find these features more than adequate, but individuals desiring more advanced capabilities from their sport watch may be disappointed. However, with an MSRP of only $25.00, the Marathon is perfect for any budget-minded athlete. The watch is carried by most major department stores, making it very readily available for almost any individual. Even so, serious athletes may find themselves quickly wanting more out of their sports watch than the Marathon can offer.

Ironman Core:
The Ironman Core is available in many different configurations and styles for both men and women, and offers many more standard features than the Marathon. This watch comes equipped with a 100-hour chronograph, night lights, a countdown timer, a more advanced stopwatch than the Marathon, and available memory to store data for either 30, 50, or 100 laps, depending on the model purchased. Like the Marathon, the Ironman Core comes with a night light.

It is also water resistant for up to 100m, making it a far better choice of Timex sports watch for swimmers or divers. The Ironman Core ranges in price from $45.00 (for the 30-lap version) to $70.00 (for the 100-lap version). While this model of watch is far more expensive than the Marathon, most athletes will appreciate the additional features offered.

Ironman Triathlon GPS:
While the Triathlon GPS shares the Ironman name with the Core, the watches could not be more different. This timepiece represents the pinnacle of technology available in a Timex sport watch; as the name suggests, the watch uses global positioning satellite technology to provide extremely accurate speed, altitude, and distance readings. Through the use of Timex’s “TrainingPeaks” software, the Triathlon GPS allows athletes the ability to automatically record their training progress online. This allows for an unprecedented level of control over one’s personal fitness; even better, the Triathlon GPS handles most of these functions automatically.

The level of user customization offered by this model is also unmatched by other Timex sport watches. The Triathlon GPS features four main data windows on its display, each of which can be customized to show exactly what the user wants, including heart rate, running pace, lap time, biking speed, and distance traveled. Regardless of an athlete’s chosen sport or activity, the Triathlon GPS can be customized to best express the right data for the task at hand.

Furthermore, the Triathlon GPS is USB compatible, allowing for both data transfer and quick battery charging for anybody with computer access. This is essential, because the additional data-tracking features put a strain on the watch’s battery; in full GPS mode, it can only run for 15 hours between charges. Even with all of these advanced features enabled, the Triathlon GPS is still water resistant up to 50m, making it a viable option for swimmers interested in precision statistics. Even so, it should be noted that the Ironman Core has a better depth rating, making the Triathlon GPS unsuitable for most divers.

Because the Triathlon GPS offers so many advanced features, the price is obviously much higher than both the Marathon and the Ironman Core. The standard Triathlon GPS has an MSRP of $300.00, while the version packaged with a heart rate monitor kit costs $360.00.

Whether an athlete is searching for a basic timepiece with a stopwatch, an all-around fitness watch, or an advanced GPS data-tracking tool, there is a specific Timex sport watch to suit their needs.

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