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Timex Triathlon Watch - Timex Triathlon watches have a long history of durability

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Long ago, Timex used to market its watches with the phrase “takes a licking, but keeps on ticking.” Modern watches that use quartz movements don’t tick anymore, but the Timex Triathlon Watch certainly has taken a licking over the years and kept on running.

The watch was designed for athletes, but gained popularity among non-athletes as well over the past two decades. Early models were favored by law enforcement officers and military personnel because of their rugged durability.

Besides practicality, price also has been a major factor in the Timex Triathlon’s success. Many models still can be found at under $100.

The latest Timex Triathlon models, which continue to be among Timex’s best-selling watches, feature contemporary styling and a GPS transceiver that calculates speed and distance data with an odometer and synchronizes the time of day. They have up to a 200-lap memory recall and provide data for distance, average pace and maximum speed.

The Timex Data Link Ironman can be connected to a computer to upload workout and performance data while Timex Ironman solar watches are recharged with natural and artificial light. Some models include heart rate monitors the optical viewing angle (OVA) model allows the watch to be placed on the side of the wrist for a better view during workouts.

Early models were worn by astronaut Daniel Barry on the Space Shuttle Endeavor and by Russian cosmonaut Sergei Krikalev. President Bill Clinton owned several Timex Triathlon watches and donated one of them to the Smithsonian Museum.

Several features have contributed to the Timex Triathlon Watch’s popularity. Besides a clear time and date display that can be read easily while running or working out, the watch features a 100-hour chronograph that monitors athletic performance and provides information storage for up to 200 laps. Other features include a countdown timer and several programmable alarms for waking up or keeping track of appointments. Some models track the time and date in multiple time zones.

Most Timex Triathlon models provide Indiglo electroluminescence for night viewing. The technology uses a reflective surface and electric current instead of heat to light the watch and saves on battery life.

In 1984, Timex began working with the World Triathlon Corp. to develop a watch in conjunction with the Ironman Triathlon, an event that started in the 1970s and includes a 2.4-mile run, a 112-mile bike ride and a 26-mile marathon raced consecutively.

The first Timex Triathlon watch was designed by John Houlihan under the direction of Timex marketing boss Mario Sabatini, who wanted to develop a watch suitable for sports like running, bicycling and swimming. The company sought feedback from famous runners and Houlihan also consulted writers at Runners World magazine. The original price was $34.95.

Timex obtained the rights to the Ironman Triathlon name and the first watch under that name was produced in 1986. This model improved under water resistance to 100 meters and the popularity of the Timex Triathlon line of watches began to blossom.

Along with a smaller version for women and children, the original models remained in production until the early 1990s when Indiglo electroluminescence was added. A sleeker silver-colored model also was introduced to complement the original black, orange and gray.

The Timex Triathlon Watch continues a long tradition of quality timepieces produced by Timex, one of the world’s most famous watch companies.

Timex, which has sold more than 1 billion watches, was founded in Connecticut in 1854 as Waterbury Clock and its U.S. headquarters still are located in Middlebury, Conn. One of its early products was the first inexpensive mechanical pocket watch.

Wristwatches grew in popularity during World War I and the company was licensed by Walt Disney to produce the first Mickey Mouse clock in 1933. Waterbury became the U.S. Time Co. during World War II.

During the 1950s, the company advertised the durability of its watches to keep working after being thrown over a dam or strapped to the propeller of an outboard motor. The Timex Triathlon Watch is the latest generation of Timex watches that keep on running even under adverse circumstances.

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