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Timex Watch Bands - Timex Watch Bands Do Timepieces Justice

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Timex watches are a cultural icon in the US, where they have adorned wrists from the board room to the locker room for many years and show no sign of slowing down. While the watches continue to keep meticulous time, the company that produces them continues to be just as market-competitive, with stylish innovation in models for both men and women. It isn’t surprising, then, that such a far-reaching manufacturer would prioritize the production of something else: watch bands or straps to replace those that have worn out or need updating. After all, it takes a renewable band to keep pace with a watch that so dependably keeps on ticking.

Timex watch bands make it possible, and easy, to extend the wear of a branded item many have become accustomed to as part of their daily attire, going back to the 1950’s. At the decade’s beginning, Timex burst on the scene as the mechanical watch that could always be relied upon, making it a household word in the 60’s. By then, it ruled the low end price market, fueling corporate upgrading and diversification. In fact, the company, known today as Timex Group USA, came out with a battery watch during these years that was the first low-priced electric model.

By the 90’s, attributable to technological innovation and timely marketing, Timex launched another industry “first”: the electroluminescent watch face. While initially popularized by a blue-green light appearing on a few digital and analog watches, nowadays at least 75% of all Timex models are so equipped. The night light, known as the Indiglo and quite useful when dark, has been the source of much imitation. Further, by 1994, Timex watches sported data links, allowing them to house scheduling, phone numbers and other personal information through a collaborative effort with Microsoft. 1998 saw the introduction of an analog alarm watch, and in a joint venture with Motorola, a wrist pager.

Today, Timex has emerged as the leading watch manufacturer in the US, and many satisfied customers own not only one, but several, in an effort to blend what’s on their wrist with their activities and/or attire. Those same customers have come to rely on the fact that many stores, online and walk-in, sell not only the watches themselves, but conveniently, authentic Timex watch bands suitable for replacement. They undoubtedly find it refreshing, in an era where many things have limited duration, to find a product not only built to last, but also built with the replacement option for its most easily worn out part.

Timex watch bands are often labeled according to the category of watch style they belong to. For instance, current categories of Timex wrist pieces and bands are designated as Ironman, Expedition, Easy Reader, and Performance Sport. Bands are also available in classic leather and metal to go with a vast number of styles. With lengths ranging from regular to long, and materials from nylon and Velcro to stainless steel, there is a band to go with every watch. Moreover, many Timex bands are interchangeable with each other as well as other brands of watches, such as Casio, an obvious consumer convenience.

While for some, it is imperative to buy the exact same strap their original watch had, others relish the versatility of switching to a different color or type of band. Perhaps, the fast-wrap Velcro model now has appeal for a sport watch that formerly had a conventional buckle. Or, a dependable everyday watch, formerly with a gold-tone-over-stainless metal link band, looks rejuvenated with a two-tone gold and silver one. If not replacing a band per specific watch style, one can assure the band size, in millimeters, is correct by measuring between the lugs or small protrusions on either side of the watch face where the strap is attached.

While Timex Group USA is still headquartered in Middlebury, Connecticut, where it all began as Waterbury Clock in 1854, the company now reflects a global economy with significant operations abroad in China, the Philippines, and India. Key sales markets, not only in the US, but extending into Canada, Mexico, the UK, and France, make it a fairly certain bet that such an enduring, dependable product will continue to offer quality accessories for every Timex watch, bands to ensure it lasts even longer!

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