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Toner Laserjet 1200 - How To Cut The Cost Of Toner For The Laserjet 1200

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The Laserjet 1200 is one of the most popular printers in offices around the world, and a fantastic option for any person or office that needs a solid printer or copier. HP is known for their quality, but one caveat is the high price of toner for the Laserjet 1200.

Toner for the Laserjet 1200 can be quite expensive, even as far as printer ink’s concerned and an average toner cartridge can cost well over $60, depending on your vendor. If you’re looking to pay less for supplies for a Laserjet 1200, toner is a good place to start, and you can often cut your price by a large percentage by reviewing both your printing and buying habits.

Some Laserjet 1200 models come with a scanner option. If you own this type of Laserjet 1200, you might be wasting a lot of money in bad copies, wasted ink, and wasted paper. Make sure that your entire office knows how to use the copier function correctly, or keep copying instructions somewhere near the printer where office users can quickly consult them. You’ll pay less for toner for the Laserjet 1200, and you’ll also pay less for paper.

For standard Laserjet 1200 functions, you should check the printing habits of everyone in an office or your home to make sure that ink isn’t being wasted. Make sure that the print preview option is being used, as this can help to avoid accidental prints. Check to make sure that draft printing is used as a default setting for all computers hooked up to the Laserjet 1200. This will save a large amount of toner, especially during bulk print jobs. The Laserjet 1200 prints at great quality even on the draft printing setting, so you should be able to leave it as a default without compromising the quality of the pages that you print.

When you need to order supplies, make sure that you’re doing everything possible to cut the cost of toner. Laserjet 1200 cartridges can be expensive, but you’ll drastically cut the amount of money that you spend each year by shopping around online for the best possible deal on toner cartridges that work with the Laserjet 1200. Try to order a few toner cartridges at a time to keep your Laserjet stocked, but don’t order too many or you’ll risk dealing with expired cartridges.

It’s a good idea to carefully evaluate the companies that you buy toner from. Make sure that they have good customer service reviews, and be sure to check shipping charges, as with some companies, these charges can be unexpectedly high. Keep ordering from the same company if you find good prices, but continue to check around, regardless of how good of a deal you’re getting from a certain toner company that sells Laserjet 1200 cartridges.

When it comes to the Laserjet 1200, toner can be very expensive. By keeping an eye on your printing procedures and your buying habits, you can greatly cut this cost, however, and all that it takes is a few minutes of your time to make sure that you’re spending as little for toner for your Laserjet 1200 as is feasibly possible.

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