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Toshiba Dvd Recorders - Toshiba DVD Recorders a Rarity in the US

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Toshiba, a Japanese manufacturer of consumer home electronics, is well-known for their trusted quality construction of appliances, televisions, DVD recorders and players and more. Toshiba received its name after the combining of two companies that got their start almost a century earlier. Tanaka Seizo-sho, which translated means Tanka Engineering Works, started its operations in the year 1875 manufacturing telegraphic equipment under the official name of Shibaura Seisaku-sho, which translated means Shibaura Engineering Works. In 1890, Hakunetsu-sha & Co., Ltd. was formed by the Shibaura Seisaku-sho Company to begin making incandescent lamps, which is still a far cry from their DVD recorders, but by this time, the Toshiba company and its recorders was well on its way.

Later in 1899, the company was renamed Tokyo Denki, which translated means Tokyo Electric Company. These two companies came together in 1939 to form Tokyo Shibaura Denki, which translated means Tokyo Shibaura Electric Company and from there, they became known simply as “Toshiba,” which was finally registered officially as such in 1978, which is when the well-known brand of consumer electronics began focusing more on the home electronics instead of other, less known items

Recent Toshiba History
In more recent history since Toshiba took its official name, they released the first word processor in Japan, developed the first MRI scanner in Japan, developed the first transceiver for HDTVs in Japan, developed many versions of the CMOS DRAM and EEPROM chips, developed many personal notebooks and developed various DVD players and recorders. This impressive line of development and innovation in new technologies has left the Toshiba name as one that is widely recognized in many homes across the world.

Why DVD Recorders Are Unavailable to the US
Some of the DVD recorders available today come with a hard drive built-in, this is so that anything that is recorded can be saved for as long as possible, even if it cannot be “recorded” directly to DVD. The reason for these particular methods is because in the US, movie makers and cable/satellite providers do not allow recording of any media, with the exception of a one-time-use within the home, which is also the reason DVD recorders are rarely seen anymore.

However, Toshiba thankfully still provides the ability to record direct to DVD without needing to save the media in addition to offering DVD recorders that have hard drives attached to save the media for later. However, if there is a copyright protection built into the media the user is attempting to record, he cannot make copies of the media at all.

Toshiba DVD Recorders
Most notable of the Toshiba line is there DVD recorders. Not only are they of a high quality construction, but some of them also record direct to DVD, thus allowing the user of the Toshiba DVD recorder to make copies of the media he is recording in addition to saving it to the hard drive attached to the recorder. A good model for this purpose is the Toshiba RD-XS34 DVD Recorder, which comes with a 160 GB hard drive built-in. This recorder allows the user to record and save media to later copy it to various formats including DVD-RAM, DVD-R and DVD-RW. This feature allows the user to sue a high-speed dubbing control that records media to the disk in a lossless type form, meaning there is no degradation of digital signal during recording.

Other features available on this model of DVD recorder include CD-R/RW, MP3 and WMA audio playback in addition to an interactive guide for knowing what programs are coming on the television and at what time. Additionally, a firewire input and an RCA and s-Video outputs are available for use as well. The firewire is great for hooking up a camcorder to make copies of its media. This Toshiba DVD recorder model also comes equipped with a tuner for television, of which many Toshiba DVD recorders do not, which is an added bonus for recording favorite television shows.

However, the major downfall to this unit is the TC Guide programming system. Not every satellite or cable provider is compatible with it and the record function from television requires the interactive guide to work in order to record properly. Otherwise, most customer reviews state this is an exceptional product for DVD recording needs. This unit is available from Toshiba and Amazon at a price range of $750.

Most Toshiba DVD recorders are trusted by the consume and known to be a well working and well-respected brand of home electronics. Not only does Toshiba offer the best in DVD recording at home, but they are one of only a few that still do so in the United States.

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